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We have finished putting together a zine for Richmond Copwatch- Included in this zine are the Copwatch Mission Statement and Objectives, Know Your Rights Information, Information about FOIA, Alternatives to Calling the Police, Talk to Neighbors not Police ideas, and more! You can pickup a copy at the Wingnut (for free, but donations to support the copying of the zine appreciated) or download a copy off of zine library.


Front and back cover

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The Southern Barton Heights branch of the Richmond Copwatch Federation  will be facilitating a workshop at the Richmond Zine Fest this Saturday (October 16th) at 12 noon on Copwatch as an idea.

The Richmond Zine Fest is at the Gay Community Center of Richmond attached to DIversity Thrift on Sherwood Avenue. It will be from 11-5 on Saturday October 16th.

Richmond has not had (to our knowledge) an official copwatch group before.

The workshop will allow a space for questions, explanations, creativity, and discussion about what copwatch is and what copwatch could be.

Anyone interested in the idea of copwatch is welcome to come, we would be specifically excited to find people who want to start a branch of copwatch in their own neighborhood in Richmond.

Copwatch Mission Statement:

Richmond Copwatch is a non-heirarchical network of groups dedicated to ending police abuse.  We believe that monitoring and recording police interactions with community members is a vital first step towards ensuring accountability and protecting ourselves and our communities. We are committed to anti-authoritarian principles and seek to transform the nature of the police and explore alternative methods of community conflict resolution.

Richmond Copwatch’s Goals:

1) Reduce police violence by directly observing the police on the street, (more…)

Why not call the cops?

– The police are often an outside force with no genuine investment in the communities in which they work.

– Lots of calls can increase police presence and increase harrassment of innocent people and nonviolent offenders.

– The police are an inherently racist and classist organization.  Race and class profiling often leads to a “guilty until proven innocent” mindset on the part of the police when interacting with people of color or the economically disadvantaged.

– By using the police as intermediaries we sacrifice our personal accountability and autonomy, allowing our communities to become divided.

– The police are the strong arm of the state and have historically pitted community members against both each other and other oppressed communities.  Solidarity makes us strong, and it is in the interests of the state, corporations, and the rich that people remain weak and divided.

Tuesday, June  22nd at 7:30pm, Discussion at the Wingnut

Community Alternatives to Police

Community Discussion, Open to All

Come talk about how we can resolve conflicts and protect ourselves and our community without involving the police.

We’ll be talking about possible ways to deal with everything from noisy neighbors to home invasions, so come with ideas, questions, and a willingness to discuss new solutions to old problems.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective
2005 Barton Ave              (804) 303-5449