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Wednesday, September 7th, 8PM – at the Flying Brock Library (our friends) in Oregon Hill at 506 South Pine Street. We will be doing our usual Open Hours from 4-7:30 then biking on over to the Flying Brick for this event. Join us!

After a series of murders at the hands of the police last Winter, the city of Seattle was the ground for a surge of revolt beyond the control of both managed protests and state repression. After a long period of quiet, people broke years of inertia to interrupt the lie of social peace–and anarchists played a critical role in fueling the fires.

Two participants in these events will present their analysis of anti-police tension, the forces that maintain social order, and the strategies and tactics used by anarchists to deepen social rupture.

Afterward, we will have an open discussion about ongoing struggles in Seattle and Richmond, and potential points for future conflicts.

As always, Flying Brick events are sober unless otherwise noted. Please don’t bring any drugs, alcohol, or show up intoxicated. Thanks! Hope to see all of you there!

On July 7th the Anarchist Black Cross will be going on a field trip to a local gun store. We will meet at the Wingnut at 5:30 PM to head out. This will be an opportunity for people unfamiliar with guns or gun culture to get some exposure to those things, and have conversations about guns, gun safety, self defense, gun laws, etc. Some of the folks going on this field trip will have experience with  and knowledge about guns.

If you can’t make this field trip, have no fear, the Anarchist Black Cross plans to have more gun related discussions, field trips, and trainings in the future. If you are interested in why anarchists might choose to be interested in guns, we recommend this zine, Piece Now, Peace Later, written by the North Carolina Piece Corps. You can download it here: