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Tuesday the 16th at 7pm.
The bands playing are Cave Cricket ( a guy/girl duo with a squeezebox type thing/guitar and cello), Old Table (playing solo acoustic indiepunk godhate heartbreak music) and Aeon Yahweh (solo acoustic Jean-Baptiste playing drone punk lifehate music on guitar)

Sober, All Ages Show

Bring some money to donate to the travelling bands if you can!

Fast Heart Mart, The Good Ship S.S. Perry, and Cole Sullivan will be playing a free show here at the Wingnut on Wednesday March 30th at 7pm!

Troubadours from Albuquerque playing offbeat folk, strummin’ and a-struttin’ and a-backing each other up. Songs about the desert, bears, love and its approximations, and foosball. Hear us, love us, help push our van out of the parking lot. Invite yer friends.

Bring lots of friends and snacks! And feel free to come by early for open hours, starting at 4pm!

As always, this is a sober event, so please no drinking or drugs.