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Railyard Ghosts are coming to play the Wingnut! Bluegrass/Folk Music – come hang out! 7pm on Thursday August 4th

Folk Punx. American Gypsies. Hobohemiosity. Or, The Story of How We Killed The Boss (And Lived to Tell the Tail).heathens of heirogamy. Bastards of Billy, Biyle and Bil-EH! Kings of Kruushna! Queens of Qrush-NAH!I summen thee from the depths of rusted iron! To “create” WORLD PEACE AND PRETTY FLOWERS!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! and now, a word from our sponsors….. ~RYG (the poor beginnings of a shipwreck)

RabbitTail Abigail- Fiddle and Vox
Riley Coyote- Guitar, Mandolin and Vox
Lucash Snudbilly McCoy- ButGuckett
Will Tanner- The Spoons

All ages, sober, no door fee, but bring some money to donate to the band or buy their CD if you can.

Last minute awesome show! holy!holy!holy! from Oregon, travelling by bus!
7pm at the Wingnut!
Sober, All Ages!
No door charge but bring money to donate if you can!
They can’t make the Memorial Day party, but we are super excited that they are squeezing us in after playing Firestorm in Ashville

we are holy!holy!holy!. We have been forged in the primal war of domestication. We defy these ways. We despise these streets, these schools, these occupations called work. We are wildness, and will dismantle the civilized destructive forces that have controlled our world. There are many worlds, with many languages. They will tell their children, that despite how hard they looked, they never saw us coming…

We have suffered the indignity of domestication for far too long. From our births in stale hospitals, surrounded by false light and sound, wrapped in sterile blankets of “security” (remember smallpox) and hooked up to machines, fed chemicals and taught not to trust….anything, until we have taken back our lives, we have been processed. We are the outcrop of generations of control, and we have seen how that system is cancer in our worlds. Little more than a breath of fresh air, surrounded by life of rocks, trees, and animal kin, swayed by the dying cries of a river abused, has been enough to remind us that we are alive. ALIVE! Taking our days and nights back, by casting off schools and work, we have begun the journey through layers of distraction and city grime, and this journey is one with no end, but many fulfillments. A journey with no goal, but a thousand victories. Our children have taught us much, and we have seen the burning fires inside, they are growing.

Sounds Like:
The fall of a million empires.

We are still looking for local acts to play this show on May 15th. Get in touch with us if you are interested!

S.L.F.M is touring the U.S. Spring/Summer 2011 and is playing the Wingnut at 7pm May 15, 2011.

Formed 2008 in Salt Lake City, UT– S.L.F.M blends flower punk ukulele with sweet lo-fi lady rogue vocals.

S.L.F.M has released four albums and enjoyed opening for Sonic Youth, YellowFever, The Cosmonauts, The Kris Special and many more wonderful acts.

Please listen to some tracks here: