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We spent this evening with members of the Occupy Richmond Gardening Group, watching Return of the Killer Tomatoes and planting the seeds both groups purchased last weekend on our field trip to the Acorn Collective in Louisa County.

If you didn’t know, Acorn runs the business Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, who have over 700 different organic and heirloom seed varieties. You can order from them here:  The seed company supports a really great egalitarian community in Virginia!

We ended up with a couple hundred different baby plants. We are starting them in the 4th bedroom at the Wingnut, which gets South-East light, so we are pretending it is a greenhouse! We are growing a large variety of herbs, flowers, hot peppers, and vegetables!

Hopefully we will have an awesome garden at the Wingnut this Spring and Summer! And the Occupy Richmond Gardening Group seems to have a lot of plans for their baby plants too.