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You’ve got to give Charles Samuels and his group of knee jerk lawyers one thing… they’re tenacious as hell.  Not a month after the courts found Samuels’ noise ordinance unconstitutional, he’s got a new draft ready to go, and the sequel is just as long-winded, vague, and concerning as the first.

Here’s the new version:

Click to access Noise%20Ordinance%20Draft%20Version%201%20_2_.pdf

If you feel the need to sift through all of the lawyer speak of this new ordinance, (and I strongly suggest that you do), you’ll find all sorts of little questions that need to be raised regarding the constitutionality of the document.  For all of you who just want a rundown, we’ve got you covered.


The Monroe Park Advisory Council removed from its website the document of their plans to renovate Monroe Park. This was a publicly available document up until sometime recently when they apparently decided to no longer make it available. Fortunately, at the Wingnut, we had saved a copy of this document. We have now uploaded it onto to make is publicly accessible again.

You can’t view it on, but if you right click the PDF link, you can select, ‘Save Link As’ to download the renovation plans to your computer. If you can’t download because you are on a public access computer, you can come by the Wingnut Anarchist Collective to view the file on our computer. We have open hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-10 and you can call 804 303 5449 to arrange to stop by some other time.

Make sure you check out page 61 on the bottom left side where it has the desired ratio of homeless and homeless appearing people to everyone else- 75-100:1. Read about the plans for private security for the park.

Please download, print, and share this document with others so you can understand their plans for renovation, and also see first hand some of the troubling aspects.  When confronted, MPAC pretty much refused to take accuontability for the plan that they developed.  MPAC has also done things to deliberately become more secretive- removing their email contacts for MPAC members from their website, lying about no longer having meetings, and apparently removing the content from the link to the plan o their website. (more…)

Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch had an article on the front page under the fold about the current controversy over the plans to renovate Monroe Park. The article quotes from the Food Not Bombs statement of demands in regards to the proposed renovations. It also quotes 2nd district city councilman Charles Samuels and gives some information about the meeting this Thursday from 5 to 7pm at Richmond Carillon auditorium at Dogwood Dell, 1300 Blanton Ave. Anyone who needs help getting to the meeting from Monroe Park, or can offer rides should meet at the corner of Main and Belvidere at 4:30 and 4:45 this Thursday the 4th. Charles Samuels is asking people to register by today at (804) 646-6532 or Jan.Girardi@ We will be offering rides to anyone and everyone, regardless of registration status. The more voices the better!
Anyone interested in making signs, banners, fliers etc. about this issue is invited to come to craft night during open hours this Wednesday at the Wingnut from 7-10 on Wednesday the 3rd. The Wingnut is located at 2005 Barton Avenue and you can call 804 303 5449 for more information. Anyone with sign making supplies to donate is encouraged to bring them by at any time.

Here is the article:
Monroe Park plan spurs debate over services for homeless
Monroe Park

Monroe Park forum
Richmond City Councilman Charles R. Samuels has called a meeting on Monroe Park and homeless services
When: Thursday, 5 to 7 p.m.
Where: Richmond Carillon auditorium at Dogwood Dell, 1300 Blanton Ave.
Registration: requested by today at (804) 646-6532 or Jan.Girardi@

Published: November 01, 2010 (more…)

In the 2nd District Newsletter City Councilman Charles Samuels makes some claims about the state of Monroe Park. We believe he is providing false information, so we set out to correct the record and gather proof about the actual situation down in the park.

He says “The challenges are that Monroe Park has no working bathrooms, no drinking water, and no shelter.”

He actually underlined the ‘no’ in front of all of those assertions. He is wrong about the bathrooms and drinking water. As folks who are in Monroe park at least 6 or more times a month, we immediately knew that Councilman Samuels was wrong in his statements about the situation involving bathrooms and drinking water. Whether he was simply misinformed or was purposefully misleading, Samuels’s statements are untrue and irresponsible.

Here is our proof.

09/15/2010 – Examining the conditions of the bathrooms in Monroe Park, Richmond, VA

One sink needs fixing and one of the toilets could benefit from being unclogged, but otherwise everything is in working order. (more…)