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From our friends at Justice RVA:
Dear JRVA,

We have some upcoming events we would like you to know about. Please note that not all of these events are planned by JRVA but we are still asking for you to support them.

UNC Chapel Hill Shooting
We want to continue to encourage JusticeRVA members to continue to speak out against Islamophobia as we mourn the UNC Chapel Hill shooting victims. We continue to demand #justiceformuslims. Like you, Deah, Yusor and Razan were activists fighting for change in their communities and were gunned down way to early. Read more about the amazing work they were involved in: https://www.facebook.com/ourthreewinners

Will Norfolk Become the Next New Orleans? People of Color Speak out against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Offshore Drilling and Fracking in VA
When: Today at 6:00pm
Where: Rag & Bones Bicycle Co-op
3110 W Leigh St, Richmond, Virginia 23230
Organized by JRVA. Please join us at Rag & Bones Bicycle Co-op (3110 W Leigh St, Richmond VA) for a chance to share info and discuss the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, offshore drilling and fracking in VA. The harmful effects of this pipeline, what it will do to our land, water and communities, the impacts it will have on people of color…
Take this opportunity to learn about the ACP, how it will effect you, network and meet others who are working to resist this pipeline & what you can do to help stop it!

Black Action Now Event – Black Trans Lives Matter Rally!
When: Feb 19 at 8p
Where: Monroe Park
This rally is to bring awareness to the violence suffered by the Black trans community. Just in 2015 alone, two Black transwomen have been brutally murdered. Lamia Beard, 30 years old of Norfolk, VA, on January 17th & Ty Underwood, 24 years old of Austin, Texas on January 26th. There is a prevalence and distinction of the gruesome violence that has been perpetuated against the trans community, but specifically against Black trans individuals. In order to bring attention to the violence committed against Black trans folx, we need to make people aware of all the Black lives affected by systemic oppression. That includes fighting for Black Trans Lives. Let’s take a stand against transphobia, transmisogyny, anti-Blackness, and racism together and honor those who have been murdered or suffered due to these forms of violence.
Bring signs, banners, energy, and support! We will be meeting at Monroe Park at 8PM!
If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Ashleigh Shackelford [shackelforan@vcu.edu] or Shay Patrick [patricksn@vcu.edu].

Richmond People’s Climate March and Interfaith Call to Prayer for Climate
When: Mon Feb 23 at 7AM (sunrise)
Where: Virginia State Capitol Bell Tower 1000 Bank Street, Richmond, VA 23219
Co-sponsored by JRVA: In the spirit of Love, Justice, and stewardship of our Earth, Richmond People’s Climate March are calling for leaders of our local faith communities to join us to sound the alarm on climate change and pray for the wisdom of our elected officials as they finalize legislation during the 2015 session of the General Assembly.  This is the moral challenge of our generation and we ask you as people of faith to join us to turn the tide for Virginia. This will be a breath taking ceremony during the sunrise featuring multicultural music, ceremonies and dance. We need to join our African-American and Indigenous brothers and sisters to resist the impacts of climate change! Please join us in Joyous Resistance!

MSA @ VCU Event: ROOTS: Islam & responding to Racism
When: Tuesday, February 24 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: VCU Student Commons
907 Floyd Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23220
Salaam brothers and sisters!
Please join us and the rest of the MSA members in an enlightening ROOTs session on Monday, February 24th, 2015, led by Br. Jesse Hudsonn. Br. Jesse will speak on the grave and present issue of racisim and Islam’s response to it, and present what we as a Muslim Ummah can do to resolve this social injustice. The session will be in the VA Rooms of the Student Commons. Come out, bring your friends!

Shockoe Bottom Slave History Tour and Talent Show for Mass Incarceration
When: Saturday February 28 at 1p
Where: Main Street Station 1500 East Main Street
Join Urban AWAREness Inc., Sanctuary VA, Justice RVA and All As One The Universal Movement to CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!
We are hosting a Shockoe Bottom History Tour starting at 1p and 3p at Main Street Station 1500 East Main Street. We will be visiting historic locations in celebration of Black History month and the struggle to reclaim the Shockoe historic district and turn it into a designated park/cultural center.Tour Richmond’s historic slave trading district and learn about the fight to reclaim this space. Make connections between slavery, the Jim Crow era and the New Jim Crow of Mass Incarceration. Tours begin at 1pm and 3pm.
Then, join us at 212 West Broad Street at 5p for a Potluck Dinner and 6p for a Talent Show.Join us in celebration of our skills and talents in dance, spoken word, poetry and more! Family-friendly event! Suggested donation $5 goes to benefit current and former inmates and community orgs.
Former inmates and those affected by mass incarceration are especially encouraged

If you have events you would like to add or just general questions, you know you can always email us at justice4rva@gmail.com

Thanks and love,

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