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From tonight’s Richmond City Council meeting.
If #rvacouncil does not meet the demands, we will shut down the UCI bike races.

Black Action Now’s ‘They Can’t Kill Us All’ Movement (#theycantkillusall) is about focusing the #BlackLivesMatter movement on inclusion of ALL Black lives and making sure we continue the fight for justice for Black folks in our community and worldwide.

Black Action Now’s ‘They Can’t Kill Us All’ Movement is starting with a protest on Wednesday, January 14th, at 9:00PM. We’ll be meeting in Monroe Park and begin our protest around Richmond. Black lives matter and we want everyone to see that this movement will not stop until Black people can exist without fear.

Bring signs, shirts, energy, and emotion! Spread the word and make sure that we can make this movement as big as possible.

For General Inquires: Message Black Action Now or email
For Media Inquiries: Message Ashleigh Shackelford at


More info to come about events next week!

Check out this article on 30 ways to be a better ally as part of working towards better activism and stronger movements in 2015

Keep an ear out for upcoming meetings, events, protests, and city council events where more voices and support are needed around issues from #blacklives matter to #fightfor15 to #nostadiuminshockoe

Richmond can be whatever we want, we have to continually work on ourselves, our self care, supporting our friends and neighbors, and communicating openly and lovingly with the intention of movement building. There are thousands of ways to plug in. Ask us how!