We need anarchist zines!! (And more)

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Does anyone have .pdfs of zines on anarchism, may day, feminism, privilege, accountability, consent, radical sobriety, know your rights, indigenous issues, veganism, environmentalism, intersectionality, gender,  etc. They can send us?

The resource that hosted everything we used to use (zinelibrary.info)  has gone down right when we were planning on making a Wingnut recommended reading list to also table with and get new Wingnts to read! Halp! Also if anyone has hard copies of zines they can mail us, our printing capacity is very low right now, but we want to table with free literature at Plan it X Fest, Alt expo at Porc Fest, and the #rva Ramshackle Glory show!! Mokarnage@gmail.com or 2005 Barton Avenue Richmond VA 23222


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