Update to Inquiry on Mayor’s Property Assessment

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you have not yet, please read the below post about the Mayor’s property assessment which we think needs to be examined and explained.
And again thanks to the friends who have been helping to do the research around this issue.

In yet another befuddling development, it appears that the City of Richmond’s own website does not provide accurate square footage to acre ratios in the property info.

This first image is the calculation of reported square footage of Jones’ property converted into acres.


Now we have the same for his neighbor Ray Boone.


If you compare the information on the properties of Mayor Dwight Jones and Richmond Free Press owner Ray Boone it states that Boone has higher acreage. But that conflicts with the square footage given of both properties.

Who knows if they look at sqft or acres in their “math”, but at 43,560 sqft/acre, the mayor’s land should be 3.4 acres, not 3.01.  The only way boone’s larger piece of land is 3.51 acres is if you add the square footage of his smaller property and round up from 3.50289, but that is assessed separately and has its own “acreage”. 

Even using the acreage numbers,
Mayor’s land: $13,289/acre
Boone’s land: $27,065/acre (larger property) and $37,383/acre (smaller)

Is this a common occurance on property data that the square feet and acreage not add up? Is there a reason for this or is it an oversight? It appears to us that the square footage to acre ratio for surrounding properties is very precise, even down to the hundreth of an acre. Why so sloppy about Mayor Jones’ property?

And if it is an error, and Jones truly has a larger lot than Boone, then the 64,000 dollar drop in Jones’ property assessment is even more peculiar.

We hope that the Mayor is not getting special treatment, and we would hope that all properties are assessed fairly.


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