Monroe Park – sign up to speak or interrupt!

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

April 9 @ 4 is a special Land Use Committee meeting on Monroe Park with no allowed public comment.

April 14 @ 6 is the City Council Meeting where again no public comment will be allowed. However, you can sign up to speak during the Pubic Comments period and use that time to express your outrage at the privatization of a public park.

Call 646 7955 to speak to a City Clerk and request to speak during the public comments period at the City Council Meeting on April 14th.

You can not it seems officially sign up to speak for an issue that is on the agenda, which Monroe Park is, so you may want to say you are speaking on something tangential to the issue and not say Monroe Park specifically.
You can only sign up to speak during the public comments period once every 3 months.

If you do not feel like signing up during that period but still wish to speak, keep in mind that yelling or interupting council can result in you being banned from meetings for 6 months. However if you do not care about being banned you might speak out of turn. We would urge everyone to not do anything to get arrested at these public meetings. Civil disobediance may have its time and place down the line regarding this issue, but that is something we should have a developed strategy and support network for.

Please bring signs and banners to these meetings expressing the Keep Monroe Park Open and Free ideas. There will also be shirts available for sale for $5 and the money will go towards future expenses of the Keep Monroe Park Open and Free campaign.

If anyone wants to make fact sheets or fliers to distribute before, during, and after the meeting that would be very helpful.

Additionally, email, call and get in touch with Council Members. If you feel their spirits need to be moved in a better direction hold religious ceremonies on public sidewalks with bucket drums outside of their homes. All legal tactics should be employed.

This is not just about Monroe Park – this is a neoliberal attack on the poor, people of color, lgbtq folks, homeless, immigrants, indigenous, and more. The NFL training camp, Revitalize RVA plan,  Tredegar Green, and more are part of the overall attack.


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