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Here are updates from Mo:

3/25 @ 8am

sent to the City Clerk-
Hey there!
Thank you for accepting my bid yesterday.
I’ve also emailed councilman Baliles, but I have a few concerns
First- April 9th at 4 does not work for me. I take care of a 7 year old at that time, and he has soccer practice on Wednesdays. I don’t think it is a bad idea to bring kids to city meetings, but I can’t make him skip soccer to go.
Second- Why is this an emergency Land Use meeting? This isn’t a super urgent matter, so I respectfully request that my bid be discussed at a regularly scheduled Land Use committee meeting, and especially one that I can actually attend.
Third- I’m not sure that it is legal for me to be denied equal treatment with Alice Massie’s bid. She was allowed to do a power point presentation at Land Use, and Public Comment on her presentation and bid was allowed. I am respectfully demanding the same opportunities. I am looking into taking legal action if my bid is not treated in the same manner as hers.

Thank you so much
and feel free to forward this to whomever can make these changes as quickly as possible
Mo Karnage

3/26 @ 8am

Can we please push for the *insert racist name here* training camp building to be used as a homeless shelter – seeing as how it has locker rooms and a big unrented office and the City paid for it…. #rvacouncil #homeless #washingtonnfl #monroepark

3/26 @ 5pm

Just sent this to all Council members, city clerk, city attorney, and land use clerk. Wonder how they will respond…Also I am getting sassy in my old age. Nope, wait, always been sassy. If anyone feels like sending this text with pronouns changed or a variation of this text to the same people it can’t hurt. Thanks!

Hello all.

I have been trying to make a formal request to be allowed to present to the Land Use Committee on my bid for Monroe Park to equal the time allowed to Alice Massie.

Additionally, since Alice Massie was allowed to move a Land Use meeting for her presentation to accomodate her schedule, back in January I believe, I am asking for the same allowance. I have an obligation to take a 7 year old to soccer on Wednesdays (I am watching him practice now). I would request that the Monroe Park issue and my bid presentation be moved to the regular Land Use committee meeting on April 22. And that subsequently, the issue be moved to the City Council meeting on the 28th.

We all know that agenda items are regularly moved to different meetings in order to allow ample time behind the scenes.

The understanding that I have been given is that despite his pushiness, Charles Samuels does not make the final call on Land Use Committee precedings. Mr. Baliles does. So Mr. Baliles I am officially asking for permission to make a presentation.

I also understand that certain members of Council are advocating to push this through as quickly as possible. The lease was clearly written only with the Monroe Park Conservancy in mind, and in fact it was not until Caroline Cox called the City out on its illegal failure to put out a public call for bids that the City made a last ditch half hearted call for bids.

My point of view is that yall should at least be faking giving all bids equal consideration. I also think that ignoring me and my bid is the sort of action that might allow you to immediately push the issue through, but at the end of the day it will come back to bite you in the ass when the unequal treatment of bids is found to be illegal according to state law. It will reflect poorly on Land Use and Council if yall can not hold your horses for just a few weeks to make sure you are doing due diligence in regards to making sure you are doing your best to represent your constituents and make the best decision for the people who live in Richmond (the majority of who are not white, elderly, and rich, unlike the pro- Monroe Park Conservancy people).

I also strongly believe that you will be failing to represent the people of Richmond, and showing your complete and utter disregard for them, if you refuse to allow public comment on my bid at Land Use and City Council. It is disingenious to set a deadline for bids but refuse to adequately allow for the reading and response on those bids by the constituents.

To summarize:
1) change the date of Land Use on this issue to the regular meeting on April 22 to accomodate me equal to how Alice Massie was accomodated.
Move the item to the Council meeting on the 28th.

2)allow me to make a power point presentation at Land Use equal to Alice Massie’s.

3) allow public comment on the matter at Land Use and City Council.

Essentially – slow down, be fair in how you treat bids ( at least fake it yall), and allow the public time to speak to you on the bid.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Mo Karnage

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