Looking for Bees and/or hives and hive parts

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Our friend lost 3 hives over the winter. A dog or deer ran into em and knocked em over : (
We lost 1 hive not sure to what. Does anyone have a local source for 4 hives worth of bees and queens? We are relocating our friend’s hives and building a low protective wall around a few sides of it. We are cleaning any invader insects out of the hives and rehabbin em a little to get ready for the new friends. Last year we got out bee packages way late in the season making it harder for our friends to collect tons of pollen like they need to. We would prefer getting local bees asap!
Any spare hives or hive parts would also be put to good use!
More bees please!


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