Update about ‘Mayor Dwight Jones: We Are Boycotting Flying Squirrels/Shockoe Stadium Proposal’ on Change.org

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Hey everybody,

Well, no one said this was going to be easy. The Flying Squirrels are getting ready for their first game of the season. Unsurprisingly, they are pulling out all stops to make it look successful. Even my neighborhood civic association has been targeted. Expect the Chamber of Commerce and other Shockoe stadium proponents to do all they can to fill those seats for the Squirrels. Expect the local media, having so far largely ignored the boycott, to use whatever opportunity they can to declare the boycott a failure.

In addition, there are groups of citizens who believe that a voters’ referendum on the Shockoe stadium is still possible, and their efforts will likely get some media coverage. Personally, while I certainly support the referendum concept, I am doubtful that this citizens’ political movement will be allowed to succeed. Sadly, I suspect it will fail in its final moments, possibly clearing the political path for the Shockoe stadium proposal. I sincerely hope I am proven wrong, but the skepticism is part of the reason I started the economic boycott in the first place. Remember, unlike a City referendum, the boycott is open to people who live in the counties.

Despite these developments, this boycott will continue to grow and strengthen. Please look past the rosy media depictions of the opening games, as well as the political games, and recognize this boycott is more substantial. It’s a cliche to say that this is a marathon and not a foot race, but in this case that analogy definitely applies. We are in it for the long term to win. Please take advantage of the start of the baseball season to let the Mayor, City Council, Flying Squirrels, and businesses that support the flawed Shockoe stadium plan know that we will continue to stand in opposition and exercise our economic voice. “If you build it, we will not come”. Please continue to invite your neighbors to join the boycott.

Thank you again for standing in opposition to the flawed Shockoe stadium proposal and signing on to this boycott,


Scott Burger

And a comment from another ally:

Hey, this is no big deal and you can post it or not, but Scott’s comments, where he says “I suspect it will fail in its final moments, possibly clearing the way for the Shockoe stadium proposal,” besides being depressingly negative, are maybe also inaccurate.

The referendum, if it happens, won’t get on the ballot until November, and the stadium decision, unless it gets delayed, will be over and done by that time. We are hoping that the referendum movement will have some sway over the ballpark decision process, but the referendum, if only because of scheduling issues, is likely to have more effect on how the city does business in the future with the issuance of bonds, the relationship with the Economic Development Authority, and the “moral obligation” of the city than it will on the current ballpark plan.
Details of the current referendum work-in-progress have been posted here: http://wtvr.com/2014/03/12/goldman-shockoe-stadium-referendum/ .
This is a work-in-progress. The second meeting of the referendum group is on 3/15-14, 11AM, at the main branch city library.



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