Shockoe Stadium Boycott Update

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From Scott Burger:

Hey everybody, this message was supposed to go out on Monday, but I did not see it so I am sending again:

I am excited to announce that this petition/boycott has passed the 1,000 mark. Thank you! I will be sending out an updated press release to the local media (maybe more of them will actually report on it this time!).

Boycott Petition

I will try to keep this brief, but I did want to say a few things to fellow boycotters-

First of all, we know 1,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the over a million people in the Richmond region. Obviously, we hope to grow the boycott further, but we also need to let critics and supporters know that all we really need is enough people boycotting for the Mayor, RIchmond Squirrels and businesses that support the flawed Shockoe stadium plan to rethink their decision. Its not a political vote or popularity contest, its an economic formula.
How many subscriptions and sales can the Flying Squirrels afford to lose before they recognize that this stadium proposal is not viable for lack of public support?

Speaking of the boycott, while the language on the boycott petition only specifies the Richmond Squirrels baseball team, we do need to start letting supporting businesses know what is at stake also. For example, after the Times Dispatch editorial staff came out in favor of the Shockoe stadium proposal, it is time to cut their business. I only received Sunday’s paper copy, but I called their sales department, canceled my subscription and let them know why. I decided I can read the newspaper for free at the library or online for the sake of the boycott. I urge others to do the same.

Also, like we have said from the beginning, we really dislike hurting small businesses, but it may be time to let those restaurants who took part in the supporters’ recent ‘bar crawl’ that we will not be patronizing them in the future either. Here is a list: Sullivan’s on the Canal, Casa Del Barco, Tobacco Company, Sine Irish Pub, Southern Railway Taphouse, Europa, Cha Cha’s Cantina, Society Social Club, Rosie Connolley’s, Havana 59, Halligan’s, River City Diner, Tiki Bob’s, On the Rox, Station 2 , 2113 Bistro, 23rd and Main, Poe’s Pub. The owners of City Bar & Grill, River City Diner, and Arcadia spoke in favor of the Shockoe stadium plan at a recent City Council Finance Committee meeting. In short, while we don’t expect everyone to stop using every business that is a member of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce (yet), we do need to start making our presence known. We hope that the boycott will be successful early on in order to minimize economic damage, but, again, that is really up to the people pushing the flawed Shockoe stadium plan.

Though boycott supporters have signed on for many different reasons, I do hope that people will pay attention to some of the bigger debate. VDOT is now involved in evaluating downtown traffic, there are some very interesting questions raised about flooding, use of leases in securing land for proposed stadium, and many other other nuances. Just this past Sunday night, the movie ’12 Years a Slave’ was singled out at the Oscars on national television. It’s story includes a especially historic part of Shockoe Bottom that the stadium plan would bury under more concrete. In other words, these different reasons may not be the main concern of every boycott supporter, but they do have their own, growing resonances that everyone should be aware of, regardless of their stance.

Lastly, I very much realize this boycott is not about me. I am not interested in self-promotion. Its about everyone who has signed on. Its about what’s good for Shockoe Bottom, the City of Richmond, and ultimately, the Richmond Squirrels and ‘RVA’ region. In that spirit, please keep finding neighbors and Squirrels fans to sign onto this boycott. Again, thank you!

P.S. My friend Silver did start a FaceBook group for this effort. Look for ‘Shockoe Stadium Boycott 2014’, if you are interested in signing up for it.

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