12 Years a Slave and Shockoe Bottom Stadium!! Tweet about it!!

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CALL TO ACTION AGAINST THE STADIUM IN SHOCKOE: For those of you that tweet or those of you that can (it’s easy!)…. 
It is VERY important that twitter be used for the stadium fight. The other side uses it A LOT. FB is stifling for this kind of fight. 

Due to the “12 years a slave” winning best picture (yay!)last night a few folks in Richmond are starting to tweet the cast of winners and to prominent black film cast and crew to shed international light on what is happening in our city and asking for their help in speaking up. This is a great opportunity for outreach. You do NOT need friends like FB to make it effective. You can make one and start tweeting at people. The more tweet the more it will be seen. 

Many of you may not know that Solomon Northup spent time in Richmond once. In a slave jail. In Shockoe Bottom. 
It was the jail shown in this map #8. The one the stadium will be build on.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152336763374744&set=a.78575014743.102325.697384743&type=1&theater

Richmond has recently been recognized by Frommer’s as a destination spot for it’s tourism along with several other travel recommendation publications. We are also becoming increasingly more popular as a destination for a cheap place or filmmakers to set up shop. Seems silly to wreck all of this rightful historical attention and job opportunity for a very very risky “investment” in a minor league baseball stadium doesn’t it funded with public funds? We think so too. 

There are a million reasons to be against the stadium. It’s economically unsound, traffic, unsightliness, cost it’s being rammed down our throats, the citizens oppose it but worst of all it is a complete and utter desecration to important history. 

We want an extensive slave museum. we want a historical district. We want museums and homage to VA’s native peoples. We also think it would be profoundly successful. 

Sample tweets! 
It is far more effective to tweet originally than to retweet. Make your own up too! These are just a few that we have started with but I am sure there are LOTS more to be found ….

Help us to save #SolomonNorthup’s history! NO stadium on his save jail in#rva #nostadiuminshockoe #12yearsaslave @HenryLouiseGates

A stadium In Shockoe would desecrate slave history #rva #SolomonNorthup #nostadiuminshockoe #12yearsaslave @Lupita_Nyongo

Help us preserve slave history! speak out! #SolomonNorthup #rva #nostadiuminshockoe #12yearsaslave @AlfreWoodard

Call on #rva to STOP the desecration of our slave history! #nostadiuminshockoe #12yearsaslave #SolomonNorthup @MustafaHarris27

#SolomonNorthup was held prisoner in #rva! help us preserve his history! #nostadiuminshockoe #12yearsaslave @adeperoOduye

We need you help to preserve slave history In #rva! #SolomonNorthup was held prisoner here. #12yearsaslave #nostadiuminshockoe @MsKelseyScott

too bad Mayor of Richmond VA plans baseball stadium on site where #SolomonNorthup was held #12yearsaslave #nostadiuminshockoe @IAMQUVENZHANE

other handles…

@McQueeninchains (director)
@anthonyKatagas (producer)
#dedegardner (producer)
#jeremykleiner (producer)
#arnonmilchan (producer)
#johnridley (executive producer)
#tessaross (executive producer)
#biancastigter (executive producer)

This is an easy way to make a big difference! thanks everyone! 


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