A Call to Action – Vigil against a Shockoe Stadium

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Join us at 5 PM on MONDAY, JAN. 27, in front of RICHMOND CITY HALL as we take a public stand against putting a baseball stadium in historic Shockoe Bottom.
Richmond City Council is scheduled to vote that evening on a resolution supporting the mayor’s redevelopment plan, which includes building a for-profit sports stadium on the site of what was once the largest slave-trading district in the U.S. north of New Orleans. We will hold signs opposing the stadium until 5:45 and then go upstairs for the 6 pm council meeting. Note: This action will take place whether or not council decides to postpone this critical vote. 
This Call to Action is being jointly issued by the African Ancestral Chamber; All As One; Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality; Lillie A. Estes, ALO Community Strategy; and People for a Just Richmond.
COUNCIL DISTRICT PUBLIC HEARINGS – Council members are holding a series of public hearings to allow the community to weigh in on this issue. We absolutely need to be at these meetings:
TUES., JAN. 21, 6-8 pm – 7th District, with Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille. Powhatan Recreation Center, 5051 Northampton St.
WED., JAN. 22, 6-8 pm – Joint 1st & 2nd Districts, with Councilmen Jonathan Baliles & Charles Samuels. Albert Hill Middle School, 3400 Patterson Ave.
SAT., JAN. 25, 10 am – noon – Joint 6th & 7th Districts, with Councilwomen Ellen Robertson & Cynthia Newbille. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, 1000 Mosby St.
* Ask your friends on social media to sign the online petition at www.shockoebottom.blogspot.com. (See “Take Action Now” on the upper right of the home page.) As of Jan. 17 we had nearly 2,300 signatures! This is by far the largest expression of public opinion on this issue to date. Let’s keep it going and not let our opponents beat us at community organizing!
* Contact your City Council representatives and tell them you won’t stand for a stadium in Shockoe Bottom. The pro-business group Venture Richmond has hired a public relations firm to try and build support on council. They have the money, but we have the numbers. Express yourself! For contact information, see:
* Bring your friends to the City Council meetings and district hearings. Bring signs – and speak out!
* Make a sign and put it in your car window and a front window in your house. Write a song. Draw a picture. Make council see the writing on the walls. Be creative. Be your own leader.
Stadium opponents have been lobbying every member of City Council, and we do not believe the mayor has the seven out of nine votes necessary to pass the land-related ordinances necessary to put a stadium in the Bottom – but we won’t know for sure till council votes. Until then, more pressure is needed.
We are NOT against development. In fact, opponents have developed an alternative plan, one that would bring in much-needed revenue for the City and allow development on the Boulevard and non-sacred areas of Shockoe Bottom while properly memorializing the area where hundreds of thousands of people of African descent suffered, resisted and as a people survived one of the worst atrocities in human history. See “Alternative Vision for Shockoe Bottom” at www.shockoebottom.blogspot.com.
NO to a Shockoe Stadium – YES to a Historic District!

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