Richmond Zine Fest Workshop/Program Schedule

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The Richmond Zine Fest is THIS SATURDAY October 5th 11-6 at the GCCR

The Event is free, but you can still register to table and read mroe about it online at

Make sure to checkout the Safer Spaces policy too!



There may be a few last minute additions to this schedule, but here’s an up-to-date listing and description of our workshops and activities offered by volunteers. All workshops are free! Just bring yourself and be ready to engage your mind, your hands, or both!

The People’s Library – ALL DAY
WHO: The People’s Library (2013) is a highly collaborative and sustainable public art project featuring a library designed, built, and authored by community members. Utilizing hundreds of discarded books, participants pulp and create new sheets of paper. These sheets are bound to make blank books, which anyone may check out, author, and return to be included in the Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library’s permanent collection. The resulting installation contests hierarchical notions of history and offers sustainable, collective, and critical alternatives for the form and function of public art.
WHAT: Throughout the day participants can help make paper, silk screen the title pages, and bind the books that will be included in the library’s permanent collection.
Invited: Any and all
WHERE: The Makers Space
Zine-making – ALL DAY
WHO: Leila Prasertwaitaya is the Book Arts Specialist at VCU, where she wears a lot of purple and talks to classes about artists books and zines.
WHAT: Make zines! Supplies will be on-site.
Invited: Any and all
WHERE: The Makers Space
History of Richmond’s Underground & Alternative Press – 12 PM
WHO: Dale Brumfield is a former zine publisher, founder of ThroTTle magazine and Author of “Richmond Independent Press: A History of the Underground Zine Scene”, published by History Press, released August 1, 2013. I am also the Virginia Liaison for the Independent Voices initiative, supported by Reveal Digital, which is digitizing many underground press papers from the 1960s and 70s.
WHAT: Workshop will explore the 53-year history of the Richmond alternative publishing scene and the people who got their start here then went on to win Emmys, Pulitzers and other awards. Richmond has the second-longest alternative publishing history in America, second only to New York City. Workshop will also look at the obstacles encountered by these early papers and publishers, with emphasis on FBI and city police harassment and the hateful attitude towards them taken by the monopolistic mainstream press. Time permitting, will also look at the alternative and underground movement across the state of Virginia, from 1969 until the mid-1970s.
Invited: Recommended ages 13 and up
Duration: Apx. 30 minutes and additional time for Q&A
WHERE: The Fishbowl
The Evolution of a Zinester – 1 PM
WHO: Celina works at VCU Libraries with comic books and zines. She makes zines and co-organizes the Richmond Zine Fest. The idea for this workshop came about through a discussion on the zine librarians listserv, and she’d like to gather other thoughts for herself as a zine librarian, other zine librarians, and possibly a paper on archiving zines while respecting zinester’s rights.
WHAT: Do you ever wish you could erase the existence of a zine you once proudly (or more likely hesitantly) folded and distributed to strangers? This workshop is an open discussion about what it means to make zines that may be actively archived and preserved in libraries and personal collections (which may also be donated to libraries). This workshop is informal and anyone is welcome to participate. I am planning to take notes, but I will respect everyone’s right to remain or not remain anonymous in the event that I write or share quotes from this session. Thank you!
Invited: Anyone who makes zines and has thoughts to share.
Duration: 45 minutes
WHERE: The Fishbowl
Guerilla Environmentalism and the Importance of H.E.A.L. – 1:30 PM
WHO: My name is Tyler I am the founder of the Infidel Collective here in Richmond, Virginia. My main focus of establishing this collective is to emphasize to the community the importance of human, earth and animal liberation (H.E.A.L.) and how we all can work together respectfully and efficiently towards a safer and more trustworthy world. I have decided to take a more multi-media approach in writing zines, designing posters and flyers, and providing hands-on discussions and workshops to bring together our Richmond community and dismantle marginalizing barriers that divide us.
WHAT: Wear those dirty clothes because we will be crafting some awesome seed bombs and I will be teaching you all how to make green-friendly moss graffiti paint. We will have a discussion on the importance of moving away from an Anthrocentric society and towards practicing human, earth and animal liberation (H.E.A.L.). Let’s rediscover the importance of urban ecology, community gardening and guerrilla environmentalism together!
Invited: All ages
Duration: 45 minutes
WHERE: Outside/Parking Lot
Abortion Funding in Virginia (RRFP) – 2 PM
WHO: The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project seeks to further reproductive justice by providing practical and financial support for abortion services in Virginia and surrounding communities. RRFP strives to be a resource to the community by engaging in grassroots advocacy for the full spectrum of reproductive rights.
WHAT: Learn about abortion funding and barriers for patients in the region, and the laws and regulations that bind us.
Audience: Mature
Duration: 1 hour
WHERE: The Fishbowl
Assemblage Magic: Earning fairy punk cred with found objects – 2:30 PM
WHO: Kristen Rebelo & Christine Stoddard willd lead an assemblage workshop inspired by our ‘zine, Quail Bell. The focus is on using found, especially recyclable objects, to make unusual fairy art. We would show examples, provide instructions and inspiration, and give all participants the materials they need to get their hands dirty right on site.
WHAT: Let The Quail Bell Crew show you how to use found objects to make highly imaginative assemblage pieces. Make your own and earn your fairy punk cred. All materials provided.
Invited: Anyone
Duration: 1 hour
WHERE: The Fishbowl
Queering Consent – 3 PM
WHO: Liz, Quillin Drew, and Lee Steube will do a non-binary consent workshop that applies to all genders/sexualities, but that highlights non-binary identities.
WHAT: This workshop explores ways to build a culture of consent by locating non-binary gender experiences at the center of the conversation. We will discuss and practice gender neutral and empowering language around asking for consent and talking about sex, sexuality, and resisting violence.
Invited: Ages 16 and up
Duration: 1 hour
WHERE: The Fishbowl
Intro to Beekeeping! – 4 PM
WHO: We’re beginning beekeepers from Richmond who have been workin’ Beehives for about 3 years around the city. Since we’ve learned so much about this craft from experienced (& eccentric) older folx, as well as from the Bees themselves, we feel that now is a vital time to start sharing the knowledge and skills we’ve developed with other beginning Bee enthusiasts as a means to boost the rapidly declining Honeybee population in a holistic & radical way.
WHAT: Are ya intrigued by Honeybees? Do you want to keep eating food? We do, too. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of our world’s produce (think about that!). But these days they’re rapidly dying off. Now is a pivotal time to educate ourselves about the Honeybee, and take personal responsibility to keep them from going extinct.
This workshop is the first of a series on Holistic Beekeeping we’re developing to educate people about Honeybees (and the mess they’re in), develop necessary skills to understand & work with Bees, and to provide opportunities for folx to have first-hand experiences working in Beehives. This event is geared towards folx who are interested in (or awed and inspired by!), but have not kept Honeybees (and for very beginners). Please come learn with us!
Invited: all ages
Duration: 1 hour
WHERE: The Fishbowl
How to Write a Good Story – 5 PM
WHO: Robert Mitchell is a writer, zinester, and English grad with lots of experience.
WHAT: Discuss and share the best methods of constructing a solid story that engages readers.
Invited: Teens and up
Duration: 1 hour
WHERE: The Fishbowl


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