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Venture Richmond is again trying for a project residents don’t want. Here is more from Oregon Hill resident Scott Burger:


I want to apologize in advance if I seem particularly agitated or distracted these days.

I am trying to stay cool with this Venture Richmond proposal, but yesterday someone who I thought was my friend suggested that if Oregon Hill residents did not like the Venture Richmond plan, maybe we should just all move to Short Pump, because right now, we live near “RVA’s main event location”. I have to tell you, I am not moving to Short Pump, but if things keep up, I know there will be serious pressure from my wife to move to southern NJ.

As my neighbor Matt stated, As it is, I live in the MIDDLE of Oregon Hill and I can hear concerts at Brown’s Island INSIDE MY HOUSE. Now they want to put an amphitheater closer than that? Really?! The city won’t even give me a permit to put a toilet in my garage, and Venture Richmond gets to ruin the quality of life for an entire neighborhood?

If you can, I would certainly appreciate anything you can do to influence the Planning Commission before Monday. Here’s more about that:

The Planning Commission on Monday will be considering the “location, character and extent” of the use of City of Richmond property as part of the proposed project.  (Venture Richmond has yet to apply to have the property rezoned.)  We can address the fact that this is the wrong “location” for the amphitheater, because it will harm the canal and negatively impact the neighborhood and War Memorial with major parking and noise problems.  It is also important to address the “extent” of the project, since if the project is confined below the canal it would avoid damage to the canal and the parking and noise problems would be reduced.

An amphitheater is not a permitted use in the area above the canal (zoned R-03 — residential office).  We must not allow that area above the canal to be rezoned, because once it is re-zoned Venture Richmond can put an amphitheater there “by right.”  Unless Venture Richmond applies for a “conditional” rezoning (which is unlikely) there will be no restrictions other than the general restictions under the zoning category.

If the venue is confined to the area below the canal it will avoid the need to damage the canal, and the volume and parking problems would be reduced.
Venture Richmond already operates Brown’s Island, and their main stage should logically go on that island where the noise and parking is less problematic.

Secretary of the Planning Commission:

More background (and a lot of important history):

Hope you all are doing well.

Thank you,

Scott Burger

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