Free Spanish Class- Students, Please fill out questionnaire

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Anyone who wants to take the free Spanish class at the Wingnut needs to fill out this questionnaire so we can turn it into the teacher, so he can figure out the best way to teach the class to meet the students’ needs and desires.  Please fill this out and return it to or bring by the Wingnut Anarchist Collective ASAP. The sooner we get these collected the sooner we will be able to start the class!

Also- the two textbooks we will be using are the 1st Edition Vistas Student Textbook  ISBN numbers 1-931100-004 and  Vistas Student Activities Manual ISBN 1-931100-03-9  0 These are both available on amazon to be purchased, and you can get copies really cheap (less than a dollar and then 4 dollars shipping) so if you want your own textbook, please feel free to get one. Otherwise, we will have copies and sharing!

I Love Learning Spanish
Language assimilation by multiple teaching techniques


1) What do you believe to be the qualities of a good student of language?
2) What is your preferred learning style?
a) work it out for yourself
b) work in a group or with a partner
c) watch it done and copy it
d) read the theory of it and try to apply it
e) try it out and get feedback on it
f) or…
3) Do you have any knowledge of Spanish or any other foreign language (s)?
4) Which method would you prefer- Grammar Translation or Direct Method in which the class is conducted in Spanish?
5) What are you hoping to gain from the Spanish Course, and how are you planning to use the linguistics knowledge?
6) Would you like a written exam?
7) Would you like to do a written composition or an oral presentation?
8) Placement test available upon request.
9) When would you like to begin taking Spanish classes?

Professor: Armanda A. Malvarez  Telephone 804 396 9084  Email


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