One of our neighbors, an awesome, badass, punk zinester woman, donated 18 really great books to the Wingnut Radical Lending Library today. Everything from radical politics to zine anthologies to radical fiction.

Come by and check these books, and our 1060 others out!

Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm. If you are interested in becoming involved with the library/open hours, get in touch! 804 303 5449 or

Another World Is Possible by Beka Economopoulos

On Subbing: The First Four Years by Dave Roche

Controlled Flight Into Terrain: Stealworks Anthology 3.0 by John Yates

Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food by Marc Lappe

On Fire: Battle of Genoa by Green Mountain Anarchist Collective and

Race for Justice by Leonard Weinglass

Adventures in Medialand: Behind the News, Beyond the Pundits by Jeff Cohen

Obstruction of Peace by Naseer Aruri

Through the Media Looking Glass: Decoding Bias and Blather in the News by Jeff Cohen

The Lesbian Health Book: Caring for Ourselves by M.D. Jocelyn White

Building a Better Robot: 10 Years of the Mr. Roboto Project by Missy Wright Mr. Roboto Project; Andy Mulkerinm Mike Q Roth

Best of Intentions: The AVOW Anthology by Keith Rosson

Amped : Notes from a Go-Nowhere Punk Band by Jon Resh

May it Come Quickly, Like a Shaft Sundering in the Dark by Carissa Van Den Berk Clark

Flow Chronicles by Urban Hermitt

Yours for the Revolution by Carissa Van Den Berk Clark

Globalize This!: The Battle Against the World Trade Organization by Kevin Danaher

Death Blossoms: Reflections from a Prisoner of Conscience by Mumia Abu-Jamal


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