June 4th at 7pm- Red Beans and Rice Movie Night- Rambo First Blood

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Come on out to the Wingnut on Monday June 4th at 7pm to eat Red Beans and Rice and indulge in watching Rambo First Blood on the projector screen. If you want to bring some food that’d be awesome, it’s not a sober event so BYOB if that’s your thing. People who want to be drunk assholes will be composted.

Rambo First Blood is a movie about a Vietnam War Vet, who when abused by a small town police force, starts a war against them.

The Wingnut is located at 2005 Barton Avenue. You can call 804 303 5449 or email wingnut_collective@yahoo.com if you have more questions.

Trigger warnings- this movie looks to be fairly darn triggering. Details from IMDB are below. But there is violence, torture, violence to animals, cursing, and nudity.

Sex & Nudity

Suggested MPAA rating: R for Strong Action and Violence including some Torture, Brief Nudity, and Language

Sex and Nudity: 3/10

Rambo is stripped down completely naked by the police. A group of policemen then hose him down. We can see Rambo’s bare buttocks though it’s obvious the police have seen everything. The scene is not sexual at all.

Violence & Gore

Violence: 10/10

Rambo is shot at by a Sheriff’s deputy who is hanging from the side from a helicopter; Rambo, in self-defense, throws a rock at the helicopter’s window, which inadvertently causes deputy to fall from the helicopter and onto the rocks below, killing him instantly. We only hear the sound of the impact but we do see the man’s bloody, mangled body from various angles afterwards. (It’s also worth noting that this is the only actual death in the film.)

Rambo wounds several police officer’s in the forest with a knife. He wounds, and does not kill, but the police all yell, cry and swear in pain. The scene is particularly brutal.

Rambo shoots two of the police dogs with a rifle.

Rambo beats up several policemen with his bare hands.

Rambo steals a machinegun and goes on a rampage throughout the town, blowing up random buildings. He shoots a police officer several times in the legs, and blood splatters.

In a flashback sequence, Rambo is tied up and tortured by Vietnamese soldiers. The Vietnamese cut Rambo across the chest with a knife and he grimaces in pain. Blood drains out of the wounds.

There are some action sequences, obviously, but they do not include any deaths, other than the one mentioned above.


Profanity: 8/10

10 uses of f–k, and an equal amount of s–t

Lots of son of a b—h, b—–d, d–n and what the h–l


Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking: 2/10

A couple of character smoke.

A general and a police officer drink beer in a bar while talking about how to take down Rambo.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Intense Scenes: 7/10

The most intense scenes are the flashback sequences when Rambo is tortured in Vietnam.

Rambo’s closing monologue at the end of the film is very sad and disturbing.

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