Lots of people have been wondering what the plans are regarding May Day in Richmond this year. Some folks planning some events are getting together on Thursday at 6pm at the Flying Brick Library (506 S Pine St.)

They emailed out an announcement about the meeting, but to a small list of people, so we are passing word along so that more folks can hopefully be included and aware.

They’ve listed some of the events planned, but it is by no means a full list. In addition to the Pre-May Day Show at the Wingnut on Friday April 27th, there are more events TBA.

Please go to the meeting if you are interested in planning for May Day.

More from them…


Folks currently functioning as a coordinating committee for May Day and
the preceding weekend have set out a five-day plan of events as a general
guideline based on the intentions/actions being discussed and planned. The
objective of this coordinating body is only to schedule, facilitate space,
and assist others in ensuring fluidity and cross-pollination in all events
and efforts, while encouraging autonomous action.

To ensure a strong but flexible scheme, it is apparent that a central
meeting is dire for organizers to be on the same page.

We are calling for a meeting at 6pm this coming Thursday at The Flying
Brick Library (506 S. Pine St, Richmond, VA 23220). We understand that
this is short notice, but we have little time left and MUST get the ball
rolling. If you cannot make this meeting, please try to submit any
questions or pertinent information to be delivered to this email (try not
to “Reply All”). The facilitators will take care to shop this out.

This meeting will be taking place during open hours at the library. Thus,
it will be public and transparent. The meeting will be rigidly
facilitated, however. We do not intend to convene past 8pm; therefore,
priority goes to collaborating information on the stages of all parties’
planning, identifying immediate tasks, and setting up a clear system of
communication for organizers. General questions and queries are
encouraged, but we ask that EVERYONE come to this meeting in a prepared
manner to streamline facilitation and be as thorough as possible in
addressing concerns. We will ask folks to sign in to be a part of the
discussion, but ask that time is reserved on a priority basis for those
with relevant information to present. Please save all
brainstorming/popcorning for before or after the meeting.

In addition to a secure mailing list, we also intend to have a
user-friendly but secure forum established after this meeting to deliver
information and facilitate coordination, with a trusted moderator

This format will hopefully allow us to establish a groundwork to gain
momentum and iron things out easily as we continue.

Below is a basic outline of the 5-day plan, for folks to consider in the
mean time.

Friday 4/27 Community Forum @ VCU

* Vicente Gonzales, Phil Cunningham and Student NAACP should be
contacted for this.
*  a facilitated “popcorn” of issues workers and immigrants are facing
now, and issues they faced during the labor movement of the late
1800s, early 1900s. This shows how much of the same battles we are

Saturday 4/28 Immigrant Rights Rally

* Will communicate with Really Free Market to figure out logistics for
working together.

Sunday 4/29 Field Day? Kid’s March (IWW Mascot!)

Monday 4/30 Community Social, Cop-Watch Trainings, Workshops, Skill-Shares?

Tuesday 5/1 May Day Parade and Rally

The list of contacts for this email is inevitably incomplete- if you know
of folks who should be included in the conversation, feel free to invite
them or point them towards the coordinating body. We apologize if you
receive a duplicate via the May Day mailing list.


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