The Wingnut Anarchist Collective held the Southern Barton Heights Mobile Food Pantry in the parking lot at North Avenue and West Graham St. next to the Goal Post restaurant. The weather turned out to be really nice, which made the whole event run a lot smoother. We’ve been partnering with the Central Virginia Food Bank for 2 years come July on this program, which has brought thousands of pounds of food to Southern Barton Heights.

We had 125 people with vouchers who returned this Saturday. We had 34 additional walk-ups of folks who either hadn’t been before or were from  a little bit outside of the area so we never guarantee food to them. Of the households represented by those vouchers and walk ups we served, 225 adults, 156 children, and 43 seniors- a total of 424 individuals.

We expect larger turnouts as the weather warms up. We have been getting a solid group of volunteers every month, and hope to further develop the program.

For folks that are interested in signing up to receive a voucher there are a few things to note. First, is that we only guarantee food to the people who actually live in Southern Barton Heights. It is not just based on area code, so being in the 23222 does not guarantee that we will promise you food each month. Our general boundaries are Chamberlayne Avenue on the West, 4th Street on the East, Gilpin Court to the South, and a few blocks above Brookland Park Boulevard to the North. We collect addresses on a waiting list the day of the Mobile Food Pantry. If folks who’s addresses are on our voucher list don’t show up for 2 months in a row we bump them off of the guaranteed food list and move addresses from the waiting list on over. We only give one voucher per household.

We do some deliveries of the food to the elderly and infirm. We had 8 this month. Please let us know if you need a delivery, but only if you really need one, as our ability to drive around after the event is limited. Having friends or relatives pick up your food for you is acceptable, and usually goes even smoother if you can let us know ahead of time.

The event is held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. We never start the food distribution until 1:00. We start setting up around 12:00, so if you want to volunteer that is when to come. We have 2 lines- one for folks on the voucher list, and one for folks who are not.  We try to have a table of literature and fliers about events out as well. If you have questions you can contact us at 303 5449 or

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