Virginia politicians are attempting an advance in the war against women and women’s rights and reproductive freedom during this legislative session. Folks in Richmond are organizing some protests, call-ins, and petitions against the proposed pieces of legislation. One event will be a protest next Monday the 20th. Check out the information about the pieces of legislation and the protest below. Take action to support Virginian women. Solidarity actions encouraged.

We are glad to see people in Virginia taking a stand against these potentially oppressive laws, and look forward to the day when more people will take a stand against a system that makes even the proposal of such laws possible.
As anarchists, we do not seek reform or believe that reform through legislative bodies or politicians is a realistic solution to our problems. We would rather seek out and attack the roots of the problems, including misogny, sexism, patriarchy, capitalism, and hierarchy.
We do believe in self-defense, solidarity, direct action, and mutual aid.
Women, and anarchists will not stand for these laws, and the passing of any of these laws only goes to show the level of patriarchy still alive and well in the capitalist government system.
As anarchists, we support all attempts to fight back against a system attempting to criminalize, assault, objectify, violate, limit, and control women.
We encourage and support those who will defend the rights of women to control their own lives and bodies by any means necessary.

Go below for more about next Monday’s protest:

The VA General Assembly is attempting to outlaw abortions, the morning after pill and most hormonal birth control. They want to make it mandatory for us report miscarriages within one hour to the police and be able to charge us with murder if we do choose to get an abortion once illegal. They want us to have to get and see ultrasounds before choosing to get an abortion as psychological blackmail. The only place that will offer this if a woman can’t afford the ultrasound is a conservative crisis pregnancy center where they will then tell her how horrible she is. They want to stop federal funding to low income women with high risk pregnancies essentially forcing women carry even if the fetus would not make it through to labor. They want to change building codes in Virginia so that MOST places you can receive an abortion would be shut down. These are known as TRAP laws and are not technically session laws they are happening congruently.

There is also legislation trying to stop the current procedure of shackling women prisoner in labor. This is a serious and dangerous session to women and they mean business. We should show them we do too by speaking loudly in silence for women’s reproductive rights! We are not gonna take this anymore!

On Feb 20th at 11 am, we are we’re putting out the call for 500 women (but men very welcome and wanted!) to line either side of the walkway between the general assembly building and the Capitol in SILENCE as our Senators and Representatives pass between the two buildings several times a day to work on passing these bills. This is also President’s day so lots of folks will have off work but the legislators and the Governor have a full schedule.

The Capitol ground rules say that we can not assemble, hold signs, chant, yell or protest. We think silence in the face of this struggle and their unconstitutional rules is by far the strongest response to their terror on women.

Please come out and stand up for our rights and for the rights of all women in VA to choose the best reproductive route for themselves.


+Morgan Zito will be making a text list to remind people that morning. So if you want to come but are worried about remembering, message Morgan Zito your number and you will get on this one time only text tree.

+Since there are no signs allowed on capitol grounds please note that you can wear words on your clothing.

+We embrace autonomous action and autonomous messages.

+PLEASE SHARE this event and be sure to invite your friends. It is very helpful to send a message with the event as well.

+**This event has a moderate risk level. Though, we think it is riskier to Virginia’s women NOT to do it.**

For further information on radical feminism we suggest you check out some of these articles and zines. You can also find many feminist zines and books in the Wingnut Radical Lending Library, with Open Hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm:
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” It’s impossible to approach these few basic notes on self-managed health in Italy in the period of the 70’s without saying just a few words as background and context as to why such radical actions could come into being.
From 1968 to 1977 an explosion of self-directed political activity took place all over Italy. Th is political momentum, best described as waves of radical critique and practice than as one united movement was called Autonomia (Autonomy). Although Autonomia came from and maintained links to the communist left, it was usually critical of the old-style party discipline and hierarchical ways of orga- nising although not immune to criticism as we shall see…”

Boston Anti-Authoritarian Movement #12
August 23, 2008

a General Anarchist Union in the Boston Area

We are proud to release our 12th issue, which is also our 1 year
birthday issue! As always you can download the PDF, but we are also now
offering a mail subscription. Check “Our birthday ” article on oage 2
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Reproductive Rights in America

One of the most controversial subjects in the news is abortions. Conservatives and liberals debate whether women should be allowed to obtain abortions, neither side budging on the issue. In this battle, health care services are cut and reproductive rights are denied. The state is attempting to take away our rights as men and women to determine the timing, spacing, and number of our children. The political fight over abortion leaves the American people, especially low-income women, as the victims. However, there should not be a fight about abortions, but rather a collective effort to target the real problem: unwanted pregnancies. Democrats and Republicans could work together to increase education, access to birth control, and health care services to prevent the inexcusable number of unwanted pregnancies in America.

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