We have added a bunch of new zines to our Zine Library here at the Wingnut. You can come during Open Hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm to browse the zines. You can not check zines out, but you can borrow books from our Radical Lending Library. Catalogs of our zine and book collections are available for searching online at: http://www.librarything.com/thewingnutrva

Arm the Fucking Rabbits! A Call to arms…for bunnies by anon

Hot-N-Dirty Oven Lovin – A guide to building your own outdoor earth oven by Moth and Lefty

DC Transgender and Genderqueer people: Know Your Rights by DC Trans Coalition

Wild Fermentation by Sandir Ellix Katz

Filling the Void interviews about quitting drinking and using by Cindy Doris

Dealing with Crime in a Free Society by anon

Heist! Journal of Workplace Reappropriation by crimethinc

Shortandqueer # 4 The Coming out Issue by kelly shortandqueer

More after the break:

shortandqueer # 6 Now That I’m a Dude by kelly shortandqueer

shortandqueer # 8 I am not unreasonable by kelly shortandqueer

shortandqueer # 10 The reawakening of my baseball fandom by kelly shortandqueer

shortandqueer # 12 Menstruation, not punctuation (periods.) by kelly shortandqueer

shortandqueer # 13 A Musical Autobiography by kelly shortandqueer

boy ~ girl #2 by Shyla Ann or Robnoxious

Homes Not Jails 1 by Homes Not Jails San Francisco

Don’t Tread on Me! #45 Somebody put a drink in my roofie by Ratso Danny Rathburn

Don’t Tread On Me! #12 Written in front of a live studio audience! by Ratso Danny Rathburn

Don’t Tread On Me! # 42 Only the yung die good. by Ratso Danny Rathburn

Don’t Tread on Me! #41.5 Now with more Sabrina the Teenage Witch references! by Ratso Danny Rathburn

Don’t Tread on Me! #44 I don’t believe in you either. by Ratso Danny Rathburn

bring on the dancing horses

Il Pleut Des Gouines/ It’s Raining Dykes #8

Getting a Handle on Yr Women’s and Trans Health by Jack Weisskohl

Panic – A guide to recovering from panic attacks with resources for managing lon… by Corina

Burning the Bridges They Are Burning – Anarchist Strategies Against the Police by Puget Sound Anarchists / Rise Like Lions

The Weed It, then eat it! Apothecary Tranifeso by Jack Weisskohl

GFP! An intro to gender-free pronouns and why they matter, and, well, maybe a li… by Seth Chernyak

A Thousand Rioters selected writings of Lucy Parsons by Lucy Parsons

Communique -the inendiary words and radical rants of an Anarchist

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