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Last night, 4 members of the Wingnut headed up to Charlottesville to participate in a solidarity march for Eric Scott and Hunter Singleton that was being put together by Occupy Charlottesville.

When the 4 of us arrived we were warmly greeted, and welcomed to their occupation. Folks there wanted to know about what had happened to Eric in Richmond, and what the situation was. Enough people wanted to hear that a Mic Check was initiated, and Eric spoke to the group. He told them about what occurred on November the 9th, and also of how the arrest, experience with jail, and pending charges made him scared in some ways, but made his struggles more important, and that he would not back down.

Hopefully we will have footage of Eric speaking later today, as well as copies of Occupy Charlottesville’s statement in solidarity with Occupy Richmond.

The group marched through the downtown mall, stopping twice to read statements- one in solidarity with Occupy Richmond, and one about the SWAT raids of Occupy Chapel Hill on Sunday.

Chants of No Justice No Peace, and Cops Here, Troops there, U.S. Out of Everywhere echoed through the downtown mall.

On the way back to the park, the solidarity march took the streets, with 4 black flags in the mix. Who’s Streets? Our Streets. Who’s Park? Our Park.

Afterwards, an occupier took the 4 Richmonders out for vegan pizza, and we got a chance to talk to folks in Charlottesville.

Thanks Yall!

Here is a link to a short news piece on last night’s march, which includes an interview with Eric:

Print and redistribute! Better versions for direct printing will be uploaded later- you might need to format to fit an 8.5 by 11 inch page.


The next court date for Jeremy Hawthorne will be on February 1st 2012 (provided the world has not yet ended).

If you can come support Jeremy, who was arrested during a Richmond Copwatch First Fridays Patrol in September, show up for a 9:30 am court at room  305 (Judge Stout) at the John Marshall Courthouse located at 400 North 9th Street in downtown Richmond.

You can find more about Jeremy’s case on the Wingnut site and soon at

Here are the texts we’ve found for the Anarchist Theory by Anarchist Women class. We will have hard copies available at the Wingnut, but you can also download and  print your own copies from

We are posting the urls for each of these documents so you can find them easily.

Anarchism What it Really Stands For by Emma Goldman (10 pages)

What is Syndicalism? By Emma Goldman (12 pages)

Direct Action  by Voltairine de Cleyre (20 pages)

Crime and Punishment by Voltairine de Cleyre (20 pages)

Prisons: A Social Crime and Failure by Emma Goldman (12 pages)

A Thousand Rioters selected writings of Lucy Parsons (30 pages)

Thats a total of roughly 104 pages, all in zine format, so the pages are just the little half fold ones.

For the first class on Tuesday November 29th at 8:30pm, please read A Thousand Rioters selected writings of Lucy Parsons. Since there will only be 4 meetings of the class, there will be 25-30 pages we will cover each meeting.


We just found out that our friend, and all of the other arrestees in Chapel Hill are out of custody for the moment. Unfortunately, she has to stay in North Carolina until the first court date which is this Thursday.

Folks in Chapel Hill are already holding a benefit show tonight, and will also have a solidarity march. Sure they could use some love too.

Rumors boutique will be hosting a Shop For a Reason event on Monday November 28th from 3pm to 7pm.

20% of all sales that happen during those hours will be donated to Eric’s legal defense fund.

Eric Scott is a Richmond activist, anarchist, and Food Not Bombs participant. He is facing felony charges for wearing a mask during an Occupy Richmond march on the sidewalk on November 9th. Many people participating in that march had bandannas and other cloths over their faces, soaked in vinegar for protection in case the police used tear gas.

Come support a local business owned by two amazing women who support the Richmond community in so many ways.

Rumors is located at 404 North Harrison Street near VCU.

More information on Eric’s case at

A good friend is organizing and filming a video as a response to the recent charges brought against local activists Hunter Singleton and Eric Scott. If you can make it out to help with this project please do!
In response to last week’s arrests and the subsequent felony charges laid upon two peaceful protesters I will be taking portraits tomorrow, Monday, November 14th at 3 pm in monroe park for a short video/promo advertisement for the new website… .

… The video will have a series of portraits all containing people wearing various ‘socially accepted’ masks ie; scarves for the cold, motorcycle helmets, respirators, santa claus beards, etc. These will be shown silently and the video will end with someone wearing a handkerchief and a brief statement about the city charging students and local activists with a class 6 felony for wearing one. If anyone would like to take part please come out and bring a mask (preferably one that is functional, though anything and everything is welcome). No one’s name or identity will be used or even asked for. The point is to show how we all use these ‘dangerous’ masks on an everyday basis and stripping someone of their rights (right to vote, access to jobs, loans, etc and the social stigma associated with a felony conviction) for something so inherently trivial and innocent can not go unquestioned.

For more information please feel free to contact me but if you want to participate you can simply show up.


Hope you all are warm and wonderful!
mark strandquist

703 798 6379 See More

We just received word that the Richmond activist is doing ok, and just waiting while being detained by the police in Chapel Hill. She is waiting for printing and processing.

Apparently folks who were detained are all being charged with trespassing and breaking and entering which are misdemeanors.

More as we get it.

NC Piece Corps has a write up of what happened today, and plans for support of arrestees.

These are pictures from the raid today in Chapel Hill. The police, without warning, raided the occupied space, guns out and in the faces of the people present. No word yet on what charges are facing the folks loaded onto a city bus and taken off, but they were trespassing on private property, so that is likely to be one of the charges. We have not heard anything further about the Richmond activist detained by the police. We only know that she was one of the folks detained.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective will be hosting a movie screening next Saturday, November 19th at 7pm as a benefit for Eric Scott’s legal fund.

We will be screening PickAxe a 94 minute film by Crimethinc.

If you enjoyed our screening of If a Tree Falls last month, you should enjoy Pickaxe, which is a longer piece about the occupation of a national park by environmental activists, which was mentioned in If a Tree Falls.

An eclectic mix of activists take a stand to protect an old growth forest from logging at Warner Creek in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon, blockading the logging road and repelling the State Police. Over months a community builds around the illegal blockade as it develops into the Cascadia Free State and similar actions spread across the region. Years after its release, Pickaxe has become a classic document of the potential for grassroots direct action to achieve victory against the forces of both government and big business. Lovingly crafted by the participants themselves, the film expertly presents every moment, from confrontation to celebration. Includes new commentary track by filmmakers Tim Lewis and Tim Ream. [94 min.]

We are asking for people to bring a 3 dollar donation if they can, but no one will be turned away. Please come out to watch this film, learn about Eric’s case and other recent legal cases of Richmond Anarchists, and to maybe decompress a little too.

Eric Scott is one of the 2 people being charged with a felony for wearing a mask during last Wednesday’s Occupy Richmond march.

The Wingnut is a sober, all ages space located at 2005 Barton Avenue. or 804 303 5449 for more information

Trigger warning: This movie depicts scenes of violence