We just heard from Richmond City Lockup that Eric Scott and Hunter Singleton have been moved to the Richmond City Jail. We confirmed that they are both at the jail now. We have not been allowed to contact them and do not know if they have been able to have access to a phone.

Additionally, the Jail still does not have knowledge of any bail/bond for Eric or Hunter. So bailing or bonding them out is still not an option. This might mean they will have no choice but to be stuck in jail over the long holiday weekend. Just another wonderful aspect of the injustice system.

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will meet at the Richmond City Jail tonight for a solidarity rally with Hunter and Eric. The Richmond City Jail is located at 1701 Fairfield Way. Alternately, folks can meet up at the Wingnut at 7:30pm (2005 Barton Avenue).

We will be at the Wingnut all day making food, waiting for phone calls, talking to each other, and getting ready for the protest tonight. You can come by if you want to hangout, share food, talk, or get ready for tonight.

Take care of yourselves!

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