Just a teaser to get the word out that we are planning another Free School class for the end of November. This class will take a look at anarchist theory written by anarchist women at the beginning of the 20th century. We will be selecting zines with essays from Emma Goldman, Lucy Parsons, Voltairine de Cleyre and possibly others.

We have not yet set a day and time for this class. If you are interested in the subject matter, or have suggestions for essays to read or other anarchist women to find essays from, please get in touch. If we hear from people about what time works for them generally, we will do our best to suit schedules.

Richmond does not have a full fledged Free School, although this is something that folks at the Wingnut and others have been talking about for a while. After the success of our first class, Colonization and Decolonization, this Fall, we thought about wanting to find a way to approach anarchist theory that would be introductory and accessible.

We will be learning together, and folks interested in studying this topic will be deciding, together, how to make the meetings function. The class is free and open to all ages.

The texts will be available online for download, and if folks need help getting a copy we can make more copies at the Wingnut.

Please get in touch if you plan to attend or have questions or concerns.  wingnut_collective@yahoo.com or 804 303 5449

The Wingnut is a sober, all ages space.

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