Tomorrow night- Exorcism to end noise ordinance! 11pm

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Join the Wingnut Anarchist Collective for a religious get together to perform, through the medium of a noise demonstration, an exorcism on the fascist demons who have possessed members of City Council.
Meet at 11pm at Broad and Boulevard on Friday October 14th.
It is clear to us that City Councilman Charles Samuels has been possessed by some sort of fascist demon who is forcing him to crack down on the liberties of people in the City of Richmond. From his attempts to gentrify Monroe Par…k and oppress the homeless population of Richmond, to his previous unconstitutional noise ordinance, Charles Samuels is clearly acting like a jerk. But we don’t believe Charles Samuels is a jerk, we think his oppressive, racist, classist, WASP-y behavior can be explained by a demon possessing him. There is no point in petitioning, conversating, discussing, or pleading with a demon.

We do not negotiate with demons! Our only choice is exorcism!

This exorcism is just the first, as there are clearly many demons plaguing our dear city. From Alice Massie to the 750 Richmond Police Officers- we have a lot of people dealing with possession by fascist demons. We encourage others to hold their own exorcism ceremonies and work to lift this plague of oppressive asshole demons from Richmond.

An exorcism is a religious ceremony whose goal is to force evil spirits out of the people they have taken over. This get together is a religious event / service/ activity/ expression.

This religious event is open to people of all religions, faiths, and lack of religions. All are welcome (except cops). You don’t have to believe as we do to participate or observe. Exercise your right to religious expression, to self expression, and to exorcise the demons that plague our city!

To further your participation, bring the sorts of noise makers that an exorcism calls for, including but not limited to bells, chimes, singing voices, music (boomboxes or other portable stereos), and organs if you have them! Musicians of Richmond who have been particularly plagued by the demon are especially encouraged to come out. If you don’t have these sorts of instruments, we suggest that you make your own.

Drums are also an important part of this exorcism ceremony, as they provide the rhythm that pushes the demon out. Home made drums, which can be pots and pans and 5 gallon buckets are totally appropriate. Our religion doesn’t like to set limits on expression.

Meet for this religious event on the sidewalk at Broad and Boulevard at 11pm on Friday October 14th.See More

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