There was another meeting for the Occupy Richmond plan last night at 4pm in Monroe Park. The next get together will be on Thursday October 13that 5:30 pm in Monroe Park. The Occupation will begin on October 15th at 4pm. Everyone will meet in Monroe Park. We will then decide on the location for the occupation and then travel as a group there.

At the meeting on Sunday, the group discussed non-violence as a policy, sobriety of the space and what that might mean, possible locations for the occupation, and then split into working groups to start thinking about logistics.

Members of the Wingnut passed out a couple pieces of literature that we felt were relevant to the dialogue about Occupations-

Dear Occupiers: A Letter From Anarchists can be read here:

America is Already Occupied can be read here:

Please bring supplies you can carry with you to the meeting on October 15th. Gear that might be really useful to anyone planning on participating in an occupation:

bandanas soaked in apple cider vinegar or lime juice (in ziploc baggies) for dealing with tear gas – goggles – milk of magnesia – apple cider vinegar – ear plugs – pen – paper – markers – ID – tents – tarps – blankets – coats – water bottles – food – snacks – games – books – notebooks – cameras – video cameras – chargers – cell phones – medical supplies – medications you take and the prescriptions for them – flashlights – headlamps – batteries – bandanas – hats – banner material – paint – comfortable walking shoes – personal hygiene products – things to share – music – reading material – material for making signs – markers – ponchos/raincoats – herbal teas – vitamins/supplements – comfort food – things that help you feel better when you are stressed etc.

Things NOT to bring: weapons, drugs, alcohol, bad attitudes, expensive things, fragile things

We would also like to remind people that the state of Virginia has a no-mask law, so wearing a mask that conceals your face can result in FELONY charges.

The Richmond Occupation will be a SOBER space- so no drugs or alcohol or people who are inebriated. This policy is not meant to be exclusive, but to help protect the participants from the police and uncomfortable situations. People who smoke tobacco are asked to be respectful of others, sticking to designated smoking areas that will be created/ staying out of designated non-smoking areas, and picking up cigarette butts.

There will be a medical working group, folks with a variety of experience levels who are willing to help keep everyone safe and comfortable. There will be at least one medic station during the occupation, as well as mobile medics during marches. If you have medical skills you would like to provide during the occupation please come to the medic station. They will be using shirts/armbands/ flags with the red cross symbol on them to identify them. These medics are all donating their time and knowledge and are acting as good samaritans.

There will also be a safe spaces group at the occupation. These folks will have identification symbols (I believe heart armbands) to make them recognizable. They will be available to help mediate, and to help people under mental/emotional stress and difficulty. Their station will be set up in proximity to the medic station.

There are plans being worked on for getting lawyers, legal observers, Know Your Rights trainings throughout the occupation, and more.

Other groups include folks planning to work on;

  • Sanitation
  • Medical
  • Media
  • Auxillary
  • Environment
  • Kitchen
  • Facilitation
  • Organization
  • Safe Zones
  • Legal
  • Childcare

There are email groups for some of these, but participation will be most crucial when the occupation is happening. Please ask around to find out how to participate in these specific ways.

If you can’t come out to the occupation, or can only come for a little bit, there are still plenty of ways to help out. Here are some supplies that will no doubt be needed: medical gloves, first aid supplies (gauze, bandaids, tape, ace bandages, icepacks), bottles of water, blankets, tarps, food, toys etc. Experience shows that having people who stop by to visit, offer support, and have conversations can be very helpful to the morale of an occupation. Don’t be shy, stop on by!

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