Folks interested in starting an occupation in the city of Richmond will be gathering at 5:30 pm this Thursday in Monroe Park to meet and begin talking about ideas.
An initial call has been made for the actual occupation to begin on Saturday October 15th.

Folks interested in an occupation but with little experience in protests are encouraged to stop by the Richmond Zine Fest this Saturday October 8th from 11-6pm to talk to members of Richmond Copwatch, the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross, and the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. The Richmond Zine Fest will be at the Gay Community Center of Richmond (attached to Diversity Thrift at 1407 Sherwood Avenue).

Richmond Copwatch will be hosting a Know Your Rights Training at 4pm at the Zine Fest. This training is intended to teach people what their legal rights are when dealing with the police, and how to assert them. This is very useful information for folks entering a protest or occupation type situation. It can help keep yourself as well as others safe.

Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will be hosting a Green Scare workshop at 2pm. This workshop is about recent activism in the US and the government oppression people have faced.

More information about both of these workshops is available at the Zine Fest’s website-

Additionally, folks interested in the occupation are encouraged to come out to Richmond Food Not Bombs this Sunday to get some experience cooking for large groups of people. Cooking starts at 12:30 at 2005 Barton Avenue and continues until 3:45. Then we head to Monroe Park at 4pm to share a free vegan community meal. Afterwards, we go back to 2005 Barton Avenue to do cleanup.

Richmond had an occupation earlier in 2011, of a local park. More information about that occupation is online at Please check it out!

The link below is to an article written about the Occupation meme in the context of decolonization and indigenous struggles. It also addresses issues of democracy, race, and more. We encourage folks planning on participating in an Occupation to think critically about terms like 99% and to keep privilege, race, sex, gender, class, sexuality and more in mind throughout these occupations.

More about the Richmond Occupation: Occupy Richmond is part of the larger national movement originating from Occupy Wall St. to COLLECTIVELY VOICE OUR DISAPPROVAL OF THE INTERMESHING OF GOVERNMENT AND CORRUPTED CAPITALISM. WE UNITE AS 99% of THE AMERICAN POPULATION.
INTEREST MEETING WILL BE HELD THIS THURSDAY, OCT. 6 AT 5:30 PM AT MONROE PARK. If you are interested in helping to organize for Occupy Richmond, please e-mail with “Organize” in the subject line.

If you would like to do any of the following, please e-mail with the corresponding subject in the subject line:
– “Organize”
– “Mailing List”
… – “Legal Support”
– “Donations”

General Information
If you would like an event or news to be posted through this Occupy Richmond page, please e-mail us with what you’d like to post with “Facebook Post” in the subject line.

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