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Join Louisa county locals in Richmond for a demonstration against Dominion power and the North Anna nuclear reactors on Tuesday September 27th – a Virginia without nuclear power would be a much safer future for all of us. This demonstration is just the beginning of a struggle against nuclear power, uranium mining, and other radioactive and unhealthy corporate practices that are putting everyone in Virginia at risk.

Check it out:

Not on my Fault Line:Louisa Locals and Concerned Downwinders Demand that North Anna Stay Closed Until It Is Safe to Restart

On September 27th at noon at the Dominion offices at 701 E Cary street in Richmond concerned citizens will hold a non-violent demonstration against the proposed restart of the North Anna reactors. This protest is organized by Louisa group Not On Our Fault Line but is open to everyone who is concerned abou…t the premature restart of these reactors.

On Aug 23, 2011 a 5.8 scale earthquake hit with its center less than a dozen miles from the operating North Anna reactors. According to the NRC, ground acceleration at the plant was twice what it was designed to withstand.

“When Virginia Power built the North Anna reactors they knew they were sitting on a fault line and they lied about it to the NRC,” says Louisa county resident Alexis Zeigler.” Now we are seeing that the risks are very real. Lets keep the deception from going any further, before we all lose our homes and land because of a nuclear disaster.”

Paxus Calta, Former board chair of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) in Washington DC says “There are over 8 miles of underground piping which carries radioactive water beneath North Anna, Dominion has given no information about how they have checked these pipe to make sure they are not contaminating the ground and drinking water near the lake. The public has a right to know it is safe from these toxins.” (more…)

The State of Georgia has denied clemeny to Troy Anthony Davis today, meaning that he is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection at 7pm tomorrow night. Troy Davis is wrongly accused of the murder of a cop, there is no physical evidence in this case.

We are planning to meet at Broad and Belvidere at 6pm on Wednesday September 21st. Please bring signs and banners in support of Troy Davis if you can.

Around 6:45 we will walk down Belvidere to Monroe Park (the corner of Main and Belvidere) to hold a vigil for Troy Davis at 7pm.

Please come out and show your anger, grief, contempt, frustration, concern, etc with the decision to allow Troy Davis’s execution to go forth. If you don’t know anything about his case there is a link below where you’ll find more than you want to know about the absurdity and kafka-esque madness that has unfolded from his conviction in 1989 to his planned execution date tomorrow, september 21st at 7pm. Please join us at 6pm in a demonstration at the intersection of Broad and Belvedere after which, at 645, we will march to Monroe park (corner of Main and Belvedere) Signs, noise makers, banners, your lovely selves are all encouraged!!

It seems to me that at times when hope is least tangible and furthest from our grasp that our voices, our loudest and most public voices are more necessary than ever. Hope to see you there!!!

“Capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders.”
-Albert Camus

In Memory of People Murdered By the State.

You can call (804) 300 0023 on Wednesday for more information.

For folks interested in organizing against the Richmond City Jail, or just working with the Anarchist Black Cross, we are highlighting some of the zines in our collection that are relevant to jail and prison issues.

There are some zines written by incarcerated people, political prisoners, and folks who survived time in prison, while others are just about the prison system and how people struggle against it. Lots of good insight and ideas, especially for folks new to organizing around prison issues and political prisoners

You can come by during Open Hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-9pm to read zines. Unfortunately zines can not be checked out.

Here are just some of the prison related zines in our collection:

Prison Town (comic)

Prisoners of a Hard Life (comic)

Race Treason Behind Prison Walls

Survivor’s Manual

They Will Never Get Us All- writings and poetry by anarchist prisoner Harold H. Thompson

Resistance from Behind Enemy Lines- writings from eco prisoner Chris Mcintosh

Attacking Prisons at the Point of Production: A Brief Look at the Militant Actions Against the Prison-Industrial Complex

Fostering Struggle Under the Anvil of the State- A radical manual for supporting prisoners and surviving prison

Heartcheck- by political prisoners Jeffrey ‘Free’ Luers and Rob Los Ricos Traxton

Resistance in Prison Breeds Repression

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross is calling for a meeting for people interested in organizing against the construction of a new Richmond City Jail. We are looking for allies!

This meeting will be held during the Really Really Free Market at Main and Laurel in Monroe Park from 12-3pm. Stop on by to talk about this issue, pick up fliers for distribution, or to let us know what you want to do to stop this jail construction.

This meeting is open to anyone interested in organizing against the jail, as we are interested in organizing around a variety of topics on this issue. Together we can fight better to stop the new jail construction.

Folks interested in organizing against the Richmond City Jail but who can not make Saturday’s meeting are encouraged to get in touch with the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross at or (804) 303 5449

Folks from the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Collective in Pittsburg will be in Richmond for the Richmond Zine Fest- the weekend of October 7-9th. That Sunday (post-zine fest) they will be performing a variety show at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective at 7pm (after Food Not Bombs).

Mr. God’s Galloping Mountain Variety Show!
The lineup: stand-up comedy by Gunner, fictional histories of Pittsburgh by famed hotdog reconstructionist and dog food millionaire Todd Faltin, heartfelt ballads and melancholic croonings by a soft-spoken New England gent, sci-fi role-playing by CpA founder DannyMac, and quiet noise interludes by Ken Kaminski! And… local acts?

The Cyberpunk Apocalypse (CpA) is a writers’ co-op in Pittsburgh. We publish zines, host readings and such, run a residency program, and write. Gunner’s just-published novel, Galloping Mountain, will be featured at the merch table for sale or trade, plus pretty music and zines!

The Wingnut is at 2005 Barton Avenue and can be contacted at (804) 303 5449 or

This event is sober and all ages!

Join the Wingnut Anarchist Collective for a religious get together to perform, through the medium of a noise demonstration, an exorcism on the fascist demons who have possessed members of City Council.

It is clear to us that City Councilman Charles Samuels has been possessed by some sort of fascist demon who is forcing him to crack down on the liberties of people in the City of Richmond. From his attempts to gentrify Monroe Park and oppress the homeless population of Richmond, to his previous unconstitutional noise ordinance, Charles Samuels is clearly acting like a jerk. But we don’t believe Charles Samuels is a jerk, we think his oppressive, racist, classist, WASP-y behavior can be explained by a demon possessing him. There is no point in petitioning, conversating, discussing, or pleading with a demon.

We do not negotiate with demons! Our only choice is exorcism! (more…)

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross is calling for a preliminary meeting for people interested in organizing against the Richmond City Jail.

This preliminary meeting will be on Monday September 19th at 12 noon in the Triangle Park next to Crossroads Coffee at 26 N. Morris Street near VCU.

This meeting is open to anyone interested in organizing against the jail, as we are interested in organizing around a variety of topics on this issue. Together we can fight better to stop the new jail construction.

Folks interested in organizing against the Richmond City Jail but who can not make Monday’s meeting are encouraged to get in touch with the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross at or (804) 303 5449

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will be starting to attend martial arts trainings as part of a promotion of self defense. We will be going to our first one on Saturday October 22th. Folks who would like a ride out there  should meet at 2005 Barton Avenue no later at 2:45pm.Call 804 303 5449 or email if you have any questions.

Folks from the Order of the 7 Hills will be at the Richmond Zine Fest on October 8th if you would like to talk to them more about their practice.

More on the Order of the 7 Hills:

We are a martial arts club focusing on self defense, fitness, and spiritual growth in the western tradition.  We work self defense and fitness drills, box, wrestle, practice Vigny Canne (stick fighting), and much more.
Our goal is to develop and nurture physically fit and spiritually fulfilled men and women capable of making the world a better place for themselves and all living things.  And to have a fun time doing it.
We meet outdoors at West End Manor Civic Association, 8600 Lakefront Drive, Henrico, VA 23294-6100, Tuesdays 7:00 to 8:30 PM and Saturdays 3:30 to 5:00 PM.  Feel free to stop by to observe or try out a class.  For complete membership information see our Join page.

The only reason the construction of a new Richmond City Jail has ever seemed even mildy palatable is due to the inhumance conditions at the current facility, which result in numerous deaths each year.

However, City Mayor Jones and members of City Council have just revealed how their jail plans that they are trying to push through are actually not going to result in a more humane situation.

Apparently the contractor involved as well as some of the politicians failed to do their research into requirements regarding jail construction, and have been presenting City Council as well as the public with plans that include at least one major mistake. The mistake is that the jail cell size they proposed doesn’t meet state regulations. Apparently changing the plans would cost money, so now they are pushing to get an exception made for cell size.

In an effort to save money, the City of Richmond wants to build the new jail with jail cells that are double bunked and with 35 fewer square feet per cell than State regulations call for. The size cell that the City of Richmond wants to build now fits the standards suggested by the American Correctional Association- a group of people who make a profit off of the prison industrial complex.

How can we expect better jail conditions when the City of Richmond is trying to cut corners at the cost of the inmates before ground has even been broken on the project? This new jail, as proposed, will start over crowded, and no doubt get worse from there. No new jail, no old jail. The City of Richmond is not competent, kind, or rich enough to provide a safe and relatively humane jail, therefore we deserve none at all. (more…)

Recently there has been renewed hubbub around CAPS in Richmond again. CAPS, for those (lucky enough to be unfamiliar with it), stands for Community Assisted Public Safety. It is a joining of efforts of Police, Code Enforcement, and citizens. Lately they have been keeping residents of Richmond  safe by hunting down house shows and punk venues and shutting them down, charging the owners/leasees/proprietors with a variety of misdemeanors and other charges according to news reports.

CAPS, just like Cops, serve a very specific function in our city and society. We can not reform CAPS just as we can not reform Cops.  We might be able to push back in terms of unconstitutional aspects of the overall CAPS program, including dipshit City Councilman Charles Samuels’ noise ordinances, but CAPS is not an abnormality or mistake.

A well written article by Carl Athey in RVA magazine ( called out the apparent hypocrisy in the City of Richmond proudly lauding its arts and music scenes, with the new Arts District and the simultaneous increased policing and harassment of the arts and music scenes, everything from a high admissions tax to police oppression of First Fridays. What I think is important is to realize that the city and powers that be are in fact NOT being hypocritical.

They want arts and music scenes, just not ones that are oppositional to the status quo. In fact, it might be a bad assumption on the part of Athey and others (or maybe they’ve been intentionally tricked) to believe that they are included in the art and music culture that the City wants to build here. 

So to answer Carl’s query to see if  the city will back up their rebranding image by backing down on CAPS- we think not. CAPS and the City are rebranding themselves as Carl mentions- it is highly unlikely that they will want to include broke, dirty, drunk punk kids in that image.

CAPS functions very deliberately.

CAPS uses existing regulations, from building codes to business laws, in order to shut down cultural events that either are not to the taste of the rich people and politicians, or which they are not able to properly profit off of. (more…)