The State of Georgia has denied clemeny to Troy Anthony Davis today, meaning that he is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection at 7pm tomorrow night. Troy Davis is wrongly accused of the murder of a cop, there is no physical evidence in this case.

We are planning to meet at Broad and Belvidere at 6pm on Wednesday September 21st. Please bring signs and banners in support of Troy Davis if you can.

Around 6:45 we will walk down Belvidere to Monroe Park (the corner of Main and Belvidere) to hold a vigil for Troy Davis at 7pm.

Please come out and show your anger, grief, contempt, frustration, concern, etc with the decision to allow Troy Davis’s execution to go forth. If you don’t know anything about his case there is a link below where you’ll find more than you want to know about the absurdity and kafka-esque madness that has unfolded from his conviction in 1989 to his planned execution date tomorrow, september 21st at 7pm. Please join us at 6pm in a demonstration at the intersection of Broad and Belvedere after which, at 645, we will march to Monroe park (corner of Main and Belvedere) Signs, noise makers, banners, your lovely selves are all encouraged!!

It seems to me that at times when hope is least tangible and furthest from our grasp that our voices, our loudest and most public voices are more necessary than ever. Hope to see you there!!!

“Capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders.”
-Albert Camus

In Memory of People Murdered By the State.

You can call (804) 300 0023 on Wednesday for more information.


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