Wingnut Hurricane Update / Help us chop firewood!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Wingnut held up well during Hurricane Irene over the weekend. We lost power, but had a generator to keep our sump pump in the basement going as well as a refrigerator.

Food Not Bombs on Sunday went off without a hitch, as folks gracefully adapted to the limited electricity conditions.  Which was really great, as other organizations who normally distribute food in Monroe Park were unable to due so on Sunday. There was a larger than usual crowd at the meal and grocery distribution.

Members of the Wingnut and friends also spent a good amount of time yesterday taking axes and saws to trees in our neighborhood that had fallen across the roads. We collected a lot of future firewood which is now in our yard. We have to chop all of this wood into wood stove size pieces over the coming days. Anyone who feels like getting their chopping on is more than welcome to come help out.

If you have excess firewood or fallen limbs in your yards we would love if you could drop them off. We will be able to pick some up though it might take us a couple days to get around to it. If you were around last winter you know how cold our house can get. We rely on the woodstove to keep the Wingnut heated in the winter.

It has been a really good week, especially considering the earthquake and hurricane that happened here in Richmond. We’ve been eating a lot of soup, playing late night scrabble, sharing breakfast, and helping neighbors keep cellphones charged.

We have a ton of great events coming up this Fall, check them out!

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