Wingnut Calendar of Events

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Wingnut is using a blogspot website to host our  calendar of events – you can find a comprehensive calendar of all Wingnut events at

This calendar differs from the Active RVA in that it includes the not explicitly political events that happen at the Wingnut, or that folks from the collective are participating in- from musical performances to kickball to potlucks. We hope that inclusion of these types of events will encourage folks to come network and engage casually with people involved in anarchist and radical politics.

We also hope that the inclusion of these more social events will help folks not currently involved with the radical or anarchist communities find ways that they are comfortable with initiating their own involvement.

We also have a lot of events going on here at the Wingnut, and the format of our website is not the best for helping folks get a picture of what is going on when. The events you will find on the calendar likely have corresponding, more in depth, explanations on the website. The calendar just helps to keep them in order.

The Active RVA can be found online at and includes radically political events in Richmond, and it is a great community resource.You will find Wingnut events on that calendar, and we use it to find other events to attend.

We just wanted a calendar that could include everything we have going no, for the sake us getting us organized and for being accessible to others.

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