Post Critical Mass show at the Wingnut! July 4th at 7pm at the Wingnut.

Barons of Tang are absolutely fucking insane.  They’re musicianship combined with creativity is remarkable.  They call it gypsy deathcore but that only really sorta sums it up.  Mad gypsy deathcore with crazy timing and a truly talented lineup.  They have been blowing the audience away every single night.  You’ll absolutely love them.  The Barons of Tang are Gypsy Deathcore from Australia

Our band, Di Nigunim, plays klezmer influenced punk rock.  Usually we are a 10 piece punk orchestra, but as of now we’ve got but 5 members with us.  We’ve never played with so few, but crazy shit has gone on, including incarceration, and the tragedy of our drums (except hardware, cymbals and kick), bass amp, and bass head, and our two PA speakers being lifted in Chicago, they were stolen with the trailer that michael let us borrow actually.  So, we’re playing fun sloppy klezmo-punk.  We are guitar/vox, drums, keyboard, accordion, glockenspiel.

All ages, sober, no cover fee, but bring money to donate to the travelling bands and to buy their CDs!

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