Sassyfrass Circus #3 by Jenna B.

I Will Not Crawl excerpts from Robert F. Williams on Black struggle and armed se… by North Carolina Piece Corps

Creating a Movement with Teeth: A Documentary History of the George Jackson Brig… by Daniel Burton-Rose

I Mix What I Like!: A Mixtape Manifesto by Jared A. Ball

Aboriginal Myths: Tales Of The Dreamtime by Alexander Wyclif Reed

Zapatista Spring: Anatomy of a Rebel Water Project & the Lessons of Internationa… by Ramor Ryan

Animal Ingredients A to Z: Third Edition by EG Smith Collective

Richmond Copwatch by Wingnut Anarchist Collective

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…to Be Arrested by Wingnut Anarchist Collective

Richmond Bike Laws by Wingnut Anarchist Collective

More of the new titles after the break

Sassyfrass Circus 6 by Jenna B.

Femme a Barbe Volume 1 by Jenna B.

Better Not by Sam

Piece Now, Peace Later an anarchist introduction to firearms by North Carolina Piece Corps

Don’t Tread on Me # 47 Murder Special by Ratso

At Daggers Drawn with the existent, its defenders, and its false critics by Quiver Distro


Intimidation Factor Issue 1

Sacrelicious # 2 by Gabe Lockey

Whiplash Culture by John Cockrell

Suburban Blight #9 by Stephanie B

LIPS: expressions of female sexuality by LIPS William and MAry

Subliminal Prison issue 4

Hold Your Ground Issue # 1 by xmjx

Encuentro journal of political hardcore issue #3 by xjoeyx

Amazon Anxiety #5 by Mary Clare

Sugar Candy Mountain Issue #1 by Ben

Gullible Zine Issue 6 by Chris

Save your Fork, There’s Pie by Dave Fried

Cavemen Amputee

8 Letters a little book of knuckle tattoos # 1 by Johnny


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