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Wingnut L.J. Roberts currently has an art show at the Page Bond Gallery at 1625 West Main Street.

A bunch of us made it out on the opening night to see the textile art. It was pretty amazing.

Here are some pictures from the show, but it will be up until June 3rd, so go and see it for yourself!

More info on the fancypants gallery website:

Stephen looking at the huge knitted and quilted map of the Queer Houses of Brooklyn that L.J. made, with corresponding buttons for the houses!

L.J. next to one of the tapestries they created.

We got a little fancy for the art opening.

Militant queer tapestries? We say hell yes!

We’ve been working hard to decorate the Wingnut for the Memorial Day Party in Memory of People Murdered by the Sate, and also just to get painting projects done that we couldn’t do this winter when the paint wouldn’t dry. Here are some pictures of the things we’ve been up to:

The new mural is coming along, as are the rainbow columns!

Had to get that one up there...

We've been planning this one for a while

the Wingnut garden grows!

Painting is more fun with friends!

Our good and well read friend Ozzy just donated 48 books to the Wingnut Radical Lending Library. From pagan to primitivist to indigenous to fantasy to political, these books run the gamut. If you want to see these new selections, or browse our entire collection you can do so at

If you would like to come see the books in person, and even check one out, you can come by Wingnut Open Hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm to 9pm at 2005 Barton Avenue. We also do accept donations of books, so if you have some books that you think would fit into our collection don’t be shy to bring them by!

Here are the titles we just added:

The Holy : A Novel by Daniel Quinn

Against Civilization: Readings and Reflections by John Zerzan

The Man Who Grew Young by Daniel Quinn (2002).

My Name is Chellis and I’m in Recovery from Western Civilization by Chellis Glendinning (2007).

Propaganda and the Public Mind by David Barsamian

Endgame, Vol. 1: The Problem of Civilization by Derrick Jensen

Endgame, Vol. 2: Resistance by Derrick Jensen

Tales of the Picts (Luath Storyteller Series) by Stuart McHardy

Gaelic (Teach Yourself Book & Tape) by Boyd Robertson (more…)

The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army is coming to the Wingnut on Wednesday July 6th at 7pm!

No cover cost, but bring some money to donate to the Puppet Army if you can!

They will be performing a compelling shadow puppet show of a history of the Prison Industrial Complex from slavery to where it is today. There will also be some other road show elements and presentations as well as a few anti-capitalist fairy tales using rod puppets. All of our shows are non sub-culturally specific and child friendly.

Their tour is to promote awareness about Prison Industrial Complex, it’s effects, and talk about some of the things they’re doing against it and  to talk to other people about what they’re doing and ideas they had.

They are members of the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective ( You can see their big hit here

The Wingnut is located at 2005 Barton Avenue. It is a sober, all ages space. Call (804) 303 5449 or email for more information.

The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross will also have literature at this event about the prison industrial complex and how people can get involved locally to support prisoners and work to abolish prisons.

Just wanted to put out a reminder, that Monroe Park Food Not Bombs happens every Sunday rain or shine! You are more than welcome to come help cook, bring cleaning supplies or food for donation, or come to Monroe Park to eat.

We can use help cooking, cleaning, making fliers, doing dishes, carrying boxes, taking out the trash, sweeping, advertising, making things to sell to fundraise, making banners,  fundraising, organizing, etc. There are tons of ways to get involved!

Information about Richmond Food Not Bombs and both days of meals and grocery giveaways is online at

Come out to help at the Wingnut anytime between 12:30 and 3:45 on Sundays.

At 3:45 we drive the meal to Monroe Park at the corner of Main and Belvidere. We frequently could use more vehicles to help carry the food.  Then we meet and set up the meal buffet style and hang out and eat.

After the meal, we do a grocery give away. And most importantly, after that, everyone comes back to the Wingnut to help clean up the equipment and house.

You can get reminders about Richmond Food Not Bombs through the RVA Radicalendar- at

Call (804) 303 5449, or email for more information. We can accept donations throughout the week.

The Wingnut is at 2005 Barton Avenue in Southern Barton Heights. We are a sober, all ages space.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is working in the Southern Barton Heights neighborhood to help facilitate community autonomy and solidarity.

Open Hours are just that – open. You are welcome to come hang out, look at books, work on a project, drink tea, talk, do your homework, write, play a game etc.

You don’t have to want to engage in a particular activity to come use the space.

Open hours are intended to create a community space for both the Southern Barton Heights and the radical/anarchist community.

Every other Wednesday at 7:00pm is also Craft Night! Come to the Wingnut to draw, paint, sew, build, and create! Get creative and make something, or get involved with a project someone else is working on. Bring your projects and craft supplies.

Snacks always welcome as well!

Sober, all ages, like all Wingnut events.

May’s Copwatch meeting will be held on Tuesday May 24th at 7pm.

Anyone interested in getting trained to copwatch, in hosting a Know Your Rights training, in starting a copwatch branch in their neighborhood or something else is encouraged to come to this meeting. We will also be talking about upcoming fundraisers, future events, new literature and material, and new strategies.

Copwatch Mission Statement:

Richmond Copwatch is a non-heirarchical network of groups dedicated to ending police abuse. We believe that monitoring and recording police interactions with community members is a vital first step towards ensuring accountability and protecting ourselves and our communities. We are committed to anti-authoritarian principles and seek to transform the nature of the police and explore alternative methods of community conflict resolution.

Richmond Copwatch’s Goals:

1) Reduce police violence by directly observing the police on the street, documenting incidents and keeping police accountable. We provide support to victims whenever possible. We also seek to educate the public about their rights, police conduct in the community and issues related to the role of police in our society.

2) Empower and unite the community to resist police abuse. We will do this by sharing information with the community, conducting “Know Your Rights” trainings, sponsoring rallies, supporting victims and other community based efforts to deal with the problem.

3) Encourage people to solve problems WITHOUT police intervention. We want to explore alternatives to calling the police.

4) Encourage people to exercise their right to observe the police and to advocate for one another.

5) Provide assistance in the formation of neighborhood cop watch groups in areas where they do not currently exist, and provide networking information for neighborhoods that do already have cop watch groups.

For more information, you can contact Richmond Copwatch by email at or by phone at (804) 303-5449.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is at 2005 Barton Avenue. You can find out more by calling 303 5449 or emailing

We’ve been trying to make a monthly calendar for the Wingnut, but having some technical difficulties. The best option we have available right now is a Google Calendar of Wingnut Events. Different than the rvaradicalendar, our calendar includes both explicitly political and non-political events. Many of the events on the calendar are things that happen at the Wingnut or in our neighborhood. But we are also including other projects that we are involved in, and events that you can be sure to find Wingnuts at.

If you follow this link you should be able to see the calendar. You can also subscribe to particular events to get reminder emails.

Hope to see you at some of these events!

May 24th at 8pm at the Wingnut!

The 2011 Richmond Zine Fest will be on October 8th at the Gay Community Center of Richmond! We just confirmed the date and location.

Sign up for tabling and for workshops will all be starting in the next couple of weeks.

The Wingnut tables at the Zine Fest, and will have a couple new publications for this October event.If you are a friend of the Wingnut (or want to become one) feel free to get in touch about the Zine Fest. We should also be able to host some out of town folks to spend the night, as long as you are down with our  Guest Policy (

It is a really great time, with lots of neat people locally and from around the country.There is still plenty of time to create your own zine to sell or trade or give away at the Richmond Zine Fest.

The Richmond Zine Fest could definitely use your support and participation this year, as the cost of renting the space has increased. We are doing our best to keep the table costs the same, but that means we have to make up the difference through fundraisers. The next fundraiser will be this Thursday, May 12th at Sprout (1 North Morris Street) at 10pm and will be a Zine Reading with 10 different zinesters sharing from their works! for updates about events, fundraisers, tablers, and workshops!

Sweet Flier by Oura