Folks at Richmond Food Not Bombs this past  Sunday talked about what is going on in Florida with Orlando Food Not Bombs. We wanted to figure out a way to provide some sort of solidarity with them.

Folks seem to want to send some money to Orlando Food Not Bombs to support their legal needs- ie any
tickets or arrests that they have to deal with b/c of the bogus court ruling down there.

We also are going to make some cards of support to send to them. Anyone who wants to sign/make the cards should come out
to Food Not Bombs next Sunday (either cooking or in the park) to include their message.

We decided spending 100 dollars to support them from our funds was reasonable, but if anyone has any extra money they would like to send to Orlando FNB from Richmond FNB that would be rad.

We will mail them a big ol package next Tuesday, May 31st – so any notes, cards, sillyness, or money should be dropped off before then. : )

There is a previous post on the Wingnut site about the situation in Florida and the recent court ruling against Food Not Bombs.

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