3 year anniversary of Richmond’s Really Really Free Market!

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Richmond’s Really Really Free Market is celebrating 3 years this April!

Come join the community on Saturday April 30th from noon until 3pm at the corner of Main and Laurel in Monroe Park. Bring your excess and unwanted things- food, books, cds, movies, clothes, furniture, knick knacks, paddy whacks (no live animals though), to share with other people. Its good for the environment, its good for your wallet, and its good for building community. Anyone is welcome to come and take anything that they want or need- you don’t need to give something to get something.
The Really Really Free Market shows just one possible alternative to the capitalist market.

This weekend is also May Day weekend, which includes workshops on Saturday and Sunday, as well as a rally and parade on Sunday. There will be out of town people around, so hopefully the RRFM will be a fun place to hang out. You can find out more about these events at http://www.maydayrva.org

Please bring games to play, music to play, balls or frisbees to throw around etc.
Anyone interested in performing, giving workshops, tabling with free literature etc. is more than welcome to.
As always, folks are encouraged to make their own fliers to advertise this event.

This event and more can be found at http://www.rvaradicalendar.blogspot.com

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