Wingnut Orchard Plans- The Midnight Planting

Posted: April 7, 2011 in DIY- Do It Yourself
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Today we are headed up to Charlottesville to pick up 27 new trees, bushes, and vines to be planted in the Wingnut Orchard. We will also be planting wildflowers to support pollinators and hopefully getting honeybees from a friend to have out there as well.
Tomorrow night (Friday) some of us will be going out super late (midnight or so) to put all of these purty plants in the ground. So bring some coffee or caffeinated tea and join us if you want!
We will be going up to Hanover on a regular basis to take care of the Orchard. If anyone has interest in helping, painting signs, tending bees, tending chickens, building water collection devices, building organic bug traps, hanging out in the country for a couple hours, etc. please let us know so you can get involved!
Here are the varieties we hope to get today:

(Kenneth) Yates Persimmon
Hardy Kiwi
Illinois Everbearing Mulberry
LSU Purple FIg
Hardy Chicago Fig
Celeste Fig
2 Trentberry Huckleberry
Yadkin Blueberry
Climax Blueberry
Legacy Blueberry
Tifblue Blueberry
Ison’s Muskodine Grape
Sugargate Muscodine Grape
Seascape Strawberry
2 Northern Pecan
2 Pristine Apple
Enterprise Apple
5 William’s Pride
2 Arkansas Black Apple

(And also some sort of cherry trees!)

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