Three Short Films by Mark Strandquist- Friday at Noon at Main Library- Free

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Friday, noon, Main Public Library. Free!

Three Short Films
Mark Strandquist

Ben, 2010, Black and White super-8, 6 minutes

The film follows Ben, a homeless, transient, train-riding Christian, who has been traveling around the United States for over a decade. Shot over the course of two years, with scenes from all over the country, the film offers a window far removed from the mega-churches, Jesus camps, and conservatism that have become the face of American Christianity. Ben is a portion from a larger documentary, still in
progress, which includes other travelers and voices from the Christian left.

Convention, 2010, Black and White 16mm, 6 minutes

In Octobert of 2010, Richmond, VA became the first city in America to host a convention devoted solely to the political movement known as the ‘Tea Party’. “Convention” was created in an attempt to document this
quickly expanding movement in a way that is a distinct departure from the fast-paced, and at times superficial, window provided by the evening news. Utilizing long, static portraiture the film allows viewers a patient moment to digest all the Tea Party’s iconography, slogans and political theatre.

Adolf, 2011, Black and White super-8, 11 mins 30 secs (collaboration with Courtney Bowles)

A film as much about a wonderfully honest and quirky 65 year old, retired public school teacher, as it is about the almost 10,000 migratory birds, the Purple Martins, he helps shepherd in each year. Shot simply by setting a camera to the birds in the sky, and placing a mic before a man, it allows the natural beauty of both to unfold. The film was shot in Richmond, VA during the summer of 2010.

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