Video Updates From Richmond Copwatch at the VCU Riot

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Richmond
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Despite the Richmond Police Departments’ claim that mace pellets were NOT fired at protesters in the crowd, a member of Richmond Copwatch was directly shot at by one of the riot police.

Nearing the end of the riot, police fired 9 tear gas cannisters over the heads of the protesters into the intersection of Grace and Laurel Streets, clearing out students, rioters, and VCU police alike. The cloud of tear gas blew East down Grace Street, effectively poisoning the air well past Belvidere.

If you have any more video footage of the police breaking protocol, abusing the rights of Richmond residents or VCU students, or have any stories you would like Richmond Copwatch and the Wingnut to post online, please let us know. The more testimonials surface regarding police misconduct, especially relatingto the VCU riot, the closer the people of Richmond will be to holding the police Department accountable for their actions.

One of the main reasons so many people endd up crowded at close quarters was because of the police blocking off many streets in the area- essentially forcing people into a few streets. Even hours later the police had streets blocked off.

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