The event organizing guide is meant to be a sort of outline or checklist to help folks not forget important parts of organinzing events or meetings or what-have-you. If you have suggestions or additions to this guide please let us know at

This is in no way complete or meant to be set in stone, it just reflects some aspects of organizing that we think could use a more clear process so we don’t overlook the things we know better than to overlook. Meetings frequently run long and we tend to get excited about ideas and end up hammering out the details outside of the largr meetings. A guide of sorts might help folks understand more clearly what parts of an event could/should be organized together ahead of time. Hopefully as everyone develops their communication and organizing skills we can have more positive community radical and anarchist events that aren’t super stressful to organize or attend.

There will be a specific outline of processes to consider when dealing with detention or arrest of people in Richmond which will go on this website in the near future.

Initial Planning

What is the event?

When will it be? (Time, date) (taking into account weather and darkness)

Where will it be? (public, private, permit, no permit, venue, rules)

Who do you want to attend? (participants, audience)

Goals of the event: (Its good for organizers to assert what they want out of the event, that way folks can be on the same page as much as possibe. Ie- fundraising, awareness, empowerment etc.)

Promotion of Event

Internet – Facebook, website, emails, craigslist, local sites

Press Releases

Flyers/Posters/Handbills (making and posting/distributing)

Who bottomlines each method of promotion?

What will the wording or imagery be? (Do you want it uniform or diverse?)

At the Event

Who is going to bottomline what?

Possible Roles- Facilitator, Police Liason, Media Liason, Transportation, Childcare, Copwatch, Food/Beverage, Medical, Emotional/Mental Suppot, etc.

What physical stuff will you need? tables, chairs, projector, PA system, music, computer, food, drink, banners, signs, costumes, cameras, videocameras, contact lists, promotional materials, speakers, performers, faciliators, face paint, schedule, etc.

What needs to be explained to participants or audience at an event? consensus process, specific terms that may not be accessible to all, safe space policies, who is medic, police liason, media liason, process for dealing with the police or media, who is or is not arrestable, what the risks are, legal help phone number, collect emergency info etc.

Event Wrap-Up

Funds/Financial results (reimbursing)

Results (tangible/intangible)

Cleanup/Break Down

Write Up after event

Documentation- pictures, video

Post-event meeting? Analyze success, discuss problems, strategize next move etc.

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