The neighborhood kids have come up with a couple activities that they are organizing during Wingnut Open Hours. If anyone enjoys hanging out with kids and engaging in fun activities with them, please come to Open Hours to hang out! We could definitely use some help during Open Hours, because 5-10-more kids are a lot to entertain and keep busy (even if they are doing a lot of the entertaining).

During Wednesday Open Hours (4-9) Larry and De’Shari will be hosting their very own Magic Show. Come prepared to be entertained and blown away by their skills.

During Friday Open Hours (4-9) Deshawn is hosting a Book Club, where kids talk about the part of whatever book they have been reading that week.

Generally, the kids are also really excited about Craft night on Wednesdays, Movie nights when we can borrow a projector, and playing some of the board games we have here at the Wingnut.

They are definitely interested in more games, more movies that have decent or radical messages (ie not racist/sexist etc.) and more kids books to check out.

The kids also like dancing and listening to/watching  hip-hop on youtube. Radical Hip Hop videos with the lyrics would be a great thing to be able to share with them.

We are really excited about the way the kids are organizing their own activities, and we encourage people of all ages to come to Wingnut Open Hours and use the space and the resources.

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