Channel 8 news aired a piece tonight in response to Todd Woodson’s  inaccurate post on – Unfortunately the news coverage did little to correct the many errors and problems in Todd’s original post.

While they had the opportunity to show both sides of this issue, Rochelle Dean, or some editor at Channel 8 news clearly decided not to. Rochelle Dean actually contacted Food Not Bombs today, and came to the Wingnut to interview Eric Scott about this situation. She recorded a lengthy interview with him, and then also engaged in conversation about the issue with 2 bystanders. Eric got about 10 seconds in the actual news coverage, while Todd Woodson received much more.

Todd Woodson is only mentioned in this ‘news’ piece as an Oregon Hill resident, not a member of the Monroe Park Advisory Council, the group pushing for a particular set of renovation plans that are clearly part of a gentrification agenda. That would pretty clearly be a relevant aspect to mention in this story.

Also, the fact that the time stamp on Todd’s photos does not match the day he says he was there, as mentioned in a previous Wingnut post, was not included in Channel 8’s story. That discrepancy deserves acknowledgement.

The trash cans in Monroe Park have been too small and too few and too rarely emptied for a long time now.  Its because people actually use the park to hang out in, to eat in, to play in- like what parks are for. Food Not Bombs cleans up after themselves.

Ultimately, Todd Woodson has vested interest in pushing a gentrification and renovation agenda in Monroe Park. That is why he is going out of his way to defame Food Not Bombs.

Check out the crappy story here:

Channel 8’s Crappy Coverage

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