The Monroe Park Advisory Council removed from its website the document of their plans to renovate Monroe Park. This was a publicly available document up until sometime recently when they apparently decided to no longer make it available. Fortunately, at the Wingnut, we had saved a copy of this document. We have now uploaded it onto to make is publicly accessible again.

You can’t view it on, but if you right click the PDF link, you can select, ‘Save Link As’ to download the renovation plans to your computer. If you can’t download because you are on a public access computer, you can come by the Wingnut Anarchist Collective to view the file on our computer. We have open hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-10 and you can call 804 303 5449 to arrange to stop by some other time.

Make sure you check out page 61 on the bottom left side where it has the desired ratio of homeless and homeless appearing people to everyone else- 75-100:1. Read about the plans for private security for the park.

Please download, print, and share this document with others so you can understand their plans for renovation, and also see first hand some of the troubling aspects.  When confronted, MPAC pretty much refused to take accuontability for the plan that they developed.  MPAC has also done things to deliberately become more secretive- removing their email contacts for MPAC members from their website, lying about no longer having meetings, and apparently removing the content from the link to the plan o their website.

MPAC and Charles Samuels are pretty clearly doing their best to maneuver the renovations of Monroe Park in order to get the homeless and ‘homeless appearing’ out and keep them out. Renovations do not have to be done in such a way that the entire park is closed down. That is a lie and misrepresentation on their part. We are not against renovations but we are against their attempts to get Monroe Park closed down.  We will not leave the park, we will not compromise.

Check out to find links to other articles about this issue.

If you want to contact the folks on MPAC and City Council and let them know how you feel try their emails!
Richmond City Councilman of the North Central 2nd District, where Monroe Park is located.

Alice Massie
Head of the Monroe Park Advisory Council

Adele McClure
Student Government Association President, VCU Student Government Representative

Dave Clinger

Elinor Kuhn

James C. Hill

John Peters

Janice Nuckolls

Turk Sties

Patricia Daniels

Todd Woodson

Brian Ohlinger

The rest of City Council: -4th district – 6th District – 3rd District -1st District District 7th District 8th District – 9th District

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