Urgent Announcement: The Monroe Park Advisory Council is planning to close the entirety of Monroe Park for at least 9 months for the proposed renovations. Alice Massie just let this information spill. Time to organize to fight this. She said they are putting a 9 foot fence around the whole park. This is entirely unacceptable, and was NOT announced as part of the plans. The homeless, the groups that serve in the park, students who use the park, and many members of the Richmond community who use the park were NOT consulted in this extremely drastic measure.

More on what you can do later. For now, come share food at Food Not Bombs every Sunday at 4pm at the corner of Main and Belvidere. That will be the best way to keep up to date on issues affecting the park and share food with your community. We’ve been sharing food at this corner for over 16 years. We will not stop for full-park construction. This classist action being planned by the Monroe Park Advisory Council will NOT be tolerated.

The move to close Monroe Park affects students, the working poor, the really really free market, athletes, the homeless, and more. Monroe Park is a thriving and central public space with its own unique community. Completely wiping out this community for an undermined amount of time (construction and development projects frequently take longer than expected) is unnecessary and classist. Because while people with money can always afford to take their activities and socializing elsewhere, folks with little money have fewer options.

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