Westboro Baptist is coming to town: Call to all fags and fag enablers!

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Anarchist Organizing
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Everybody’s favorite insane Baptist church is coming back to town!

Westboro Baptist Church, the wonderful people who picket funerals and believe god hates fags, fag enablers, muslims, jews, america, the military, coal miners, and sweden (among other things), are coming to protest VCU on September 26th!

September 26 · 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Location VCU

907 Floyd Ave
Richmond, VA

Apparently god also hates education? Or maybe it’s the younger generation? I’m not really sure, but I am sure that according to th…eir leader Fred Phelps’s theology god can find something to hate you for!

Consider this an open invitation to come counter protest against WBC!

The best way to do this? Bring your boomboxes and ghetto blasters, megaphones, noise makers, and anything else you can find to turn their ridiculous hatemongering event into a party worthy of old Sodom! That’s really all it should mean when these subhuman fascists come to town: an excuse to have a day out letting your queer (or queer-enabler) flag fly!

One thing to note: As satisfying as it might be to punch one of these Westboro creeps in the face, do NOT physically engage them. They are notoriously litigious and try to provoke people into acts of violence. This is one way Phelps sacrifices the safety of his followers to line his coffers.

Otherwise, have a ball!

“Virginia Commonwealth University 907 Floyd Ave. WBC to picket at the Virginia Commonweath University where the students have been taught from the cradle that God is a liar and that His commandments are just suggestions really. Your parents, teachers and preachers have encouraged you to serve yourselves and your lusts instead of obeying God, to wit: abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul (1 Pe. 2:11). You are a generation that is good for nothing except the killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. You are entitled to hear the truth and see what good looks like. We tell you plainly that God is not a liar; that if you believe and obey Him, He will bless you; if not, He will curse you. There’s nothing but curses all day everyday for this nation. If any have an ear to hear, come out from her today! Amen!!”


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